iCrowd Launches Social Platform for Investment Crowdfunding

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RYE, N.Y., Feb. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — iCrowd, the most advanced social network for investment crowdfunding in the U.S., today announced the launch of its web-based portal for entrepreneurs. At iCrowd.com small businesses will find communities of entrepreneurs, mentors, peers, and experts to gather advice and support. iCrowd will offer small enterprises the opportunity to create the networks and relationships crucial to their success. As small businesses await final SEC regulations under the JOBS Act, iCrowd.com provides tools they can use today to address the non-financial concerns all small businesses share and to prepare for investment crowdfunding once it is approved.

iCrowd is led by founding partners and entrepreneurs John Callaghan, a former Wall Street portfolio manager, security analyst, and expert in small capitalization businesses, and Brad McGee, who served as the Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of Tyco International Ltd. and Chief Administrative Officer of the CIT Group.

“Working as an analyst and a small-cap growth portfolio manager, I saw the parallel frustrations of small business owners who were unable to raise capital and investors who were unable to buy into early-stage companies,” said John Callaghan. “The internet has opened many opportunities for individuals to take charge of their investments. Investment crowdfunding will be the next step in that evolution.”

The first phase of iCrowd’s site will include tools to arm entrepreneurs with knowledge and enable them to develop networks of interested parties to help them grow their businesses.

“Social interaction is the key to investment crowdfunding. Raising capital is critical to business success, but it is not sufficient. Development of interactive networks of supporters and potential partners along with access to sound business advice is crucial to transition entrepreneurs from people with ideas to people with successful businesses,” said iCrowd co-founder, Brad McGee. “iCrowd makes it possible for entrepreneurs to develop those partnerships.”

Functions of the platform include:

User ProfilesProfiles are an online brand.  A user profile describes interests, expertise, and background that is be searchable by other users to foster productive connections.

iCrowd Academy – Continuing education is essential for entrepreneurs.  The Academy provides guided topics on a range of subjects focused on launching, developing, and growing businesses.

Ask the iCrowd – Startups and small businesses face problems whose solutions will shape their success.  Ask the iCrowd is a vast resource of commonly asked questions and well-thought answers that provide advice to guide small businesses.  Users are invited to ask new questions to address their specific needs.

Advisory BoardsAdvisory Boards help mentor entrepreneurs and guide them through the intricacies of starting and operating a business.  Users can interact in private with a team of advisors they assemble at iCrowd.com.  These private networks have secluded forums to provide business-specific advice and feedback.

GroupsGroups are iCrowd communities formed around mutual interests and are designed to stimulate discussions among members.  Groups can be public, by invitation, or private.

Recognition – iCrowd rewardsactive and informed contributions by users.  This recognition helps establish credibility and provides other users with a pathway to identify key thought leaders.

Starting immediately, prospective users are welcome to sign up for a free account at www.iCrowd.com. For a limited time, new users will be “Founding Members” which grants them esteemed recognition within the iCrowd community.

The iCrowd Partners Program is actively pursuing creative ways to join forces with businesses and industry influencers through cross promotions, affiliate arrangements, sponsorships and custom strategic partnerships.  Additionally, the iCrowd Validated Experts Program is seeking experts to promote their capabilities and services to the iCrowd community.  Information about both programs is available at www.iCrowd.com.

About iCrowd
iCrowd LLC is committed to providing advice and education to help entrepreneurs succeed in starting and/or growing their business.  Through a richly interactive web-based community, primarily supported by user-generated content, iCrowd promotes socially enriched exchanges that foster a shared passion for inspired ideas to empower entrepreneurs with the information, insight, and motivation necessary to translate these concepts into tangible business success.

iCrowd intends to become a premier, registered funding portal once the final rules for Investment Crowdfunding under the JOBS Act are implemented.  At that time, iCrowd will enableentrepreneurs to engage with each other and with potential investors to fine-tune their business concept or growth idea and secure financing directly from these investors.  Investors become an integral part of the entrepreneur’s success through their advice, investment, and advocacy. More information about iCrowd can be found at www.icrowd.com.

Disclaimer: This is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of any offer to buy any securities. References to investments or investors are intended solely for informational purposes.

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