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So Long Elevator Pitch Welcome Personal Branding Statement

personal branding statementSay so long and ‘au revoir’ to the elevator pitch and welcome the personal branding statement. It’s part of the AOL to Gmail, Boomer to Millennial, desk top to mobile shift.

“What do you do?”

By far the question we are asked, and will be asked, the most on a daily basis when out meeting new people and expanding our networks. It’s the ultimate opportunity to make a first impression and peak someones interest.

It’s the branding question whose answer most people struggle to articulate into one succinct, clear sentence that we remember.

The answer to ‘what do you do’ is much more than talking about products and services. The elevator pitch was fine when the product was out front. Now we are fronting our products and services more.

Creating our branding statement is the most important personal marketing activity we all need to get right.

Coming Up with the Right Personal Branding Statement is a “Process of Refinement”

It’s the sum total of where we are and what we are doing now, plus all the experiences and knowledge we bring from what we have done, driven by our personality, charisma and energy. Our charisma is what makes us stand out.

We change and the world changes and that changes our answer over time. Things work, then they don’t work. Circumstances force us to change. Trends lead us to change. Regardless of change, articulating our core values, who we are and what we believe in shouldn’t.  

If you keep up with these things, you will always have what you need to update and deliver your ‘what do you do’ question:

The reason we remember is because the person, their value, message and how it is consistently delivered strikes a chord with us.

One of the best resources for personal branding is Millennial Branding expert Dan Schawbel [1], and his Personal Branding Blog [2]. Having a fully developed Linked In profile is also a must.  Here are some great examples of brand statements [3]that work because they grab our attention.

Are you a Sales Whiz, a Career Catalyst? a Turnaround Ace?

What do you do in one clear, succinct and engaging sentence?

Career Branding Catalyst: I help plug in and power up personal branding for small business, entrepreneurs and professional consultants through networking, social media and content marketing so they stand out, get noticed and are remembered better.

Is your personal branding statement ready?

What Do You Do [4] Photo via Shutterstock