Pinterest Infographic For Small Business

pinterest infographic

If you have not heard of Pinterest yet, I’d have to ask you, “where have you been?”

Pinterest is the fastest growing social network in history and as such, has businesses everywhere exploring how they might utilize this virtual pinboard to their advantage. One of the main reasons for Pinterest’s popularity is its ease of use. It essentially allows users to bookmark, organize and share visual ideas found on the Web.

For businesses, Pinterest can also be used as a valuable marketing and sales tool and it’s easy to get started. You probably already have electronic images, brochures and other collateral on hand. So why not pin it? This Pinterest infographic published by Wasp Barcode will show you how to get started.

pinterest infographic

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David Wallace David Wallace, co-founder and CEO of SearchRank, is a recognized expert in the industry of search and social media marketing. Since 1997, David has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses. In additions to his duties at SearchRank, David is editor in chief at Infographic Journal, a blog featuring some today's best infographics and data visualizations.

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  1. Great article, David. I’m currently not a big user of Pintrest. I couldn’t really see how it could fit in with my business traffic driving strategy until recently.

    What I’m going to begin doing is combing YouTube and Pintrest – cross posting my vids to Pintrest to drive traffic back to my channel and ultimately my site. I see this being a very effective strategy for me.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome info graphic with the community. I appreciate it.


  2. Great post. I too have not been using Pinterest to its fullest. Your tips are awesome primarily because it gave me a “doh” moment as I really should have been doing all that already.

    I also can not help but laugh: facebook& twitter=look at me while Pinterest is “look at this”. In a world of self-absorbed individuals I am surprised at the rapid growth of Pinterest. It is so refreshing and so overdue.

  3. While I still get some weird reactions when telling people I have a Pinterest account (being male) it’s becoming less anomalous. The platform is a great tool and I’m glad it’s growing.

  4. Thanks David for sharing this out. Pinterest is really worth being on.. It pulls out the great features from all Social Media. With no doubt Pinterest can bring huge traffic to your website. Using Pinterest is one of our favorite ways to show what styles we love. We also snag pictures from Pinterest for motiviation (for the office and for home).

  5. Hey thanks!

    We’re always looking for actionable ways to help our small business clients use social media. There are some cool ideas in this infographic. Thanks so much!

  6. Interesting infographic you got here. I love that it is not like the general Pinterest infographic that we have out there. This is especially created towards small businesses in mind.

  7. Pinterest is surely a different type of platform and it is clearly not for all types of business. So it may be best to assess if your business is right for it before you take the plunge.

  8. There are lots of business-related infographics on Pinterest. I sometimes find myself looking through them. You can learn a lot from just infographics.

  9. I think that Pinterest is fast growing. It is not only video that is growing, image sharing is growing quite fast as well.