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Create High Quality Blog Posts With Scribe Content Marketing Software

The U.S. Military originated the term “black box” to describe the flight recording device that recorded the voice actions of the crew as well as some of the instrument movements. But it currently means just about any complex piece of equipment or software where the contents are a mystery to the user.

Google’s search algorithm is considered a black box, for example. Search engine optimization as a method to improving your content’s visibility online and in search engines is often labeled “black box.”  But Scribe Content Marketing Software [1] aims to change all that with its new software platform (relatively new) to help small business owners and the firms that serve them with smarter content creation.

content marketing software

If this process sounds familiar, “research, optimize, connect” then you’ve likely been working on some part of the SEO process. Scribe “encourages” you to do the right things when you write a post or page — that means keyword research, then optimizing with title tag and meta description, and internal linking, among other tasks.

They wisely built the app to place the tool ABOVE the “Publish” button. So as you look right to the normal WordPress box for scheduling or direct publishing, you see a box that essentially makes you say, “Oh yeah, I should do that before I publish.”

What I really like:

content marketing software

content marketing software

What I would like to see:

Scribe is creating a content marketing platform that can truly and quickly help you massage your content to a higher quality and they score it for you. Everything from how readable to if you are choosing the right keywords.

I don’t normally make recommendations, but in this case, I highly recommend all small business owners give it a try. I have only scratched the surface for you in this short review.  It has a 30-day free trial, then plans start at $97/month. Take Scribe [2] for a test drive and let me know what you experience in the comments.