Square Business in a Box: All You Need to Accept Payments, Track Sales

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Mobile payment system Square just debuted a new offering called “Square: Business in a Box,” which is a package that includes essentially everything a small brick and mortar store would need to run its point of sale system: two Square card readers, an iPad stand, a cash drawer, and an optional receipt printer.

The business in a box system is made to accompany Square Register, the iPad app that helps merchants run a complete point of sale system and track sales activity. It is separate from Square Reader, which just allows any user to accept credit card payments from their mobile device with a small fee.

business in a box

The Square card readers are the only parts of the box that come directly from Square. But even though the other products come from third party providers, all of the items are set up to work seamlessly together on a wireless system.

The offering is meant to simplify the process of setting up point of sale systems for businesses. Previously, users could just obtain free Square card readers and would have to put together the rest of the pieces themselves, making sure that each piece of the system works well with the others.

Now, businesses can simply make one purchase and know that all the pieces fit and work together cohesively. According to Square, it should take just minutes for merchants to get their point of sale systems up and running.

As far as mobile payment providers go, this is one of the most complete systems available for businesses to accept payments and track sales. And while there are still more traditional options available, the business in a box method can still help save business owners the time and frustration involved in piecing together different hardware components from different manufacturers.

The basic paperless Business in a Box package costs $299 and doesn’t include the receipt printer. The package that includes the receipt printer costs $599 and will allow businesses to print not only receipts, but also daily sales reports and summaries from their iPad.

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