The Sunrise Calendar App Integrates With Google, Facebook and LinkedIn

One new calendar app that was recently released in the App Store claims to actually help make life easier for users, with functions like recurring events, reminders, and all-day events. But the interesting part about Sunrise is its integrations with other services like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

When a user schedules a meeting with a particular person, the app doesn’t just remind you what time and who you’re meeting with, but it also includes information about the person you are meeting, such as their LinkedIn profile or Facebook photo.

sunrise calendar app

This type of feature is meant to provide you with actual useful information within the app itself, so that you don’t have to simply use your calendar app as a place to write notes for yourself to see at a later date, and then launch another application to find the information you might need.

When you first open the app, which was built by designers who previously worked on Foursquare, you can see a feed of events based on your Facebook events and Google Calendar, which are automatically imported once you’ve linked your accounts to the app.

The first photo above shows an example of how you can RSVP to events directly within the Sunrise app and create new events. You can view each of the events by time, including the place and people you will be meeting with, but you can also view each event individually as shown in the second photo.

Like many calendar apps, Sunrise isn’t aimed specifically at business users, but could definitely be useful when scheduling meetings, conferences, presentations, and other events. The simple design and easy access of pertinent information directly within the app are also plusses for business users.

Before the launch of its mobile app, Sunrise functioned as an email newsletter that sent users daily reminders of events and other calendar information planned for the following day. The email service is still available, and both the app and newsletter are free.

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  1. Pretty neat tool. We could all use another social organizing tool. 🙂


  2. It is a good sign if a new app could be integrated with other services? How many apps do you use on a daily basis?