Startups and Investors Can Find Trending Startups on AngelList

AngelList, the online service that matches startups with investors, just announced a new feature that shows customer counts and startups that are “trending” by gaining the most customers over the course of the month.

The photo below on the left shows the current list of trending startups, including the startup name, a short description, investors, past funding rounds, and how many new customers they’ve gained so far this month. Users can also choose to view how many new followers each startup has received on AngelList over the week.

trending startups

In addition to seeing how many customers have been added throughout the month, you can also view who those customers are. And the customers can confirm that they are in fact using the startups products or services and even leave feedback about their experience.

Once you click on a startup in the Trending section, you can view its entire profile page, which includes a customer list, shown in the photo on the right. You can also see the reviews of the products or services that confirmed customers have received from the startup.

This new feature simply gives potential investors even more ways to browse and find startups on AngelList. Those startups that are doing well and gaining customers have a way to leverage that progress into even more potential funding and contacts.

It can also give investors more relevant data about their potential investments, since they might want to know about the startup’s reputation and success with its current customer base.

This isn’t the only new tool that AngelList has added recently. The site also added Docs that allow seed-stage startups to close their investment rounds online, Valuations, and an investing platform that gives smaller accredited investors the ability to support AngelList startups.

AngelList is a mix between a crowdsourcing platform and a social network that gives startups an avenue to reach investors and vice versa. The site was launched in 2010 by the team from Venture Hacks, an advice site for startups.

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  1. This is a great new feature fore Ageelist. I’m sure this will be extremely beneficial to the members.