Symantec Experts Give Virtualization Technology Advice

Symantec virtualizationTwo experts from Symantec recently joined us and over 100 members of the small business community on Twitter, on the topic of virtualizing your technology.  Virtualization technology can help you reduce IT hardware costs, maintenance costs and even utility costs — not to mention create efficiencies in your internal processes.

Many SMB owners and managers are familiar with the concept of cloud software applications and software-as-a-service accessed through the Internet. But you may not be as familiar with virtual servers and virtualizing your  technology.  So it was an excellent way for entrepreneurs to better understand virtualization technology.

The two Symantec subject matter experts were:

  • Dan Nadir, senior director of Product Management, SMB and Symantec.Cloud, Symantec – @SymantecSMB
  • Elias AbuGhazaleh, director of Engineering, Backup Exec, IMG, Symantec – @BE_Elias

Below are some of the tips they shared during the chat:

Q1: What kind of technology can you take virtual? Is it all about servers? Or more? 

A1: Any type of application (email, accounting, CRM) can be virtualized. SMBs often start with productivity applications. @SymantecSMB

Q2: What are the biggest benefits for SMBs of going virtual with technology?

A2: One of the best benefits we’ve seen is an improvement in efficiency because physical IT resources are simplified. – @SymantecSMB

A2: The ability to use fewer servers for the same number of applications – @BE_Elias

Q3: What are the biggest challenges of adopting virtual solutions?

A3:  Security is also a continuing concern for virtual environments just as with physical network components. – @BE_Elias

A3:  Adoption is THE biggest challenge. Next would be the learning curve – @LBarraco

A3:  How much IT know-how is required to virtualize on site?  – @Robert_Brady

A3:  It is fairly simple utilizing #VMware or #HyperV, it is a simple installation (in my opinion)  -@BE_Elias

Q4: Does virtualized technology automatically solve security issues – example: antivirus and firewall in servers? #SMBchat

A4: Previously implemented security tools may need to be reconfigured or replaced in order to maintain adequate protection. @SymantecSMB

Q5: What steps should small businesses take to secure virtualized hardware such as servers?

A5: Consider security solutions needed to secure your virtual environment: firewall, antivirus, and endpoint security. @BE_Elias

A5: Update software regularly & secure passwords that are regularly updated. @robert_brady

A5: having scheduled password updates (30 days), checking spam folders and out boxs, running virus protection routinely @SoukleATL

Q6: What about security of virtualized software such as cloud email and documents?

A6 A recent survey shows employees will often go around IT and use cloud apps, exposing the company to high risks. – @SymantecSMB

A6: The Ponemon 2011 Cost of a Data Breach Report stated that 41% of breaches were caused by a third party. – @BE_Elias

Q7: What about data backup in a virtualized environment? Concerns? Benefits?

A7: Carefully consider the user interface. A simpler solution will save a significant amount of time in the long run. @BE_Elias

A7: Virtual servers can be way cheaper than having an in-house server grid. – @andrewbamazing

A7:  Nearly half of SMBs would lose 40% of their data in disaster, acc to Symantec research: – @TJMcCue

Q8: What are some best practices if you are considering virtualization but haven’t yet jumped in?

A8: You can work with a consultant/reseller on a strategy. They can help determine your needs and help with implementation – @SymantecSMB

A8:  Before going live, perform testing to make sure everything is working as it should. – @BE_Elias

A8: Here’s a paper on how to successfully implement virtualization in your organization: – @BE_Elias

BONUS:  For current information on virtualization, check out Symantec’s SMB Virtualization Clinic: – @SymantecSMB

Many thanks to Symantec for sponsoring this chat and to Dan Nadir and Elias AbuGhazaleh, the Symantec subject matter experts, for being available to the small business community and sharing their knowledge.

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Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder, CEO and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses.

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  1. Hi Anita – I’ve been supporting VMware since 1996 and I would say the biggest problem I’ve seen ahs been a result of so many buinesses cutting corners and trying to sqeeze virualization into the environment without following any guidelines or best practices. Here’s a post I wrote recently to help beginners From your list of questions it looks like thats who you are trying to connect with however backups, security and best practices are normally after-thoughts.

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