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12 Innovative Ways to Use Video on a Website

videoHave you ever thought about using video on a website?  Video is extremely powerful and, if used properly, your story will be remembered far greater than written or audio information would be.

Did you know that:

If you are not using video on your website, you might want to ask yourself, “Why not?”

Innovative Ways to Use Video on a Website:

About Us or Company Overviews

Most of these pages tend to be boring. Spruce them up with a video about your company, what you stand for, what you like and any other relevant information.


I got to a point where I was spending so much time writing blog posts that I found creating videos was a way to reduce the time involved to create my posts.

Post videos on YouTube (or other services like Vimeo) to permit a new audience to find you. If you are using YouTube, include a hyperlink in the description so that people can visit your website.  YouTube is the second largest search engine, coming in second after Google.

Product Pages and Product Demonstrations

People want to see what you do or what your product does. Use a camera to show them what your product or service does.

Show off some of your best features and explain the benefits provided. Consider using video to showcase your products or, at the very least, some of your best selling products.

Landing Pages

A landing page is designed with one purpose – to get you to do something.  Something like providing your name and email address or purchasing a product.

Add a video to your landing page to explain what you want someone to do when they arrive there.

How To

People love to learn so show them how to do things and make it relate to what your offering is.

For example, I recently bought a car with a navigation system. I can’t figure out how to use the navigation system and I would love it if someone at the dealership would create a quick video explaining how to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will undoubtedly be asked the same questions about your products or services over and over. Record some videos on your most frequently asked questions and add them to your website.  Educate people about your product.

Also, take a look at some of your competitors. I’ll bet they aren’t doing this. Beat them to the punch.

Questions that Should be Asked

Just like frequently asked questions, you probably have questions that you wish your clients would ask about your products or services.

Ask the questions for them and record the answers in a video and post it on your website.

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are extremely powerful. People believe credible testimonials almost as much as they trust testimonials from family and friends. Want the secret to customer testimonials that really resonate? Get them on video.

Ask clients if you can record them providing a testimonial and put it on your home page since it’s probably the most trafficked page on your website. These are extremely powerful, instant trust builders.


Interview people in your company or industry experts and add those interviews your website.

Case Studies

Let’s face it, sometimes case studies are boring. Spruce them up by turning them into a video presentation that tells a story.

Contact Us Page

Include video on your contact page. For example, record a video from the point of view of someone coming into your office.

24 Hour Web Cam

Place a 24 hour web cam in an interesting area of your office. I suggested this to a client that had a staff that was a lot of fun. I wanted the world to see that they enjoyed themselves while they worked.

So what’s holding you back? Begin to incorporate video into your website today.

How are you using video on your website?

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