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You Can Now Teach With WordPress

wordpress learning management pluginWith a new tool it is now possible for you to teach by creating a course or class within WordPress. Woothemes is now offering a WordPress learning management plugin called Sensei [1] and I am going to break down all the benefits this plugin offers for you.

I am also going to explain how this tool can be beneficial for the everyday business, not just those that teach or train others.

Sensei’s WordPress Learning Management Plugin Options

This learning management plugin offers you the ability to create an online course for in-house use or you can offer a paid course for others. With Sensei you can:

Woothemes sensei [2]

This Tool Can Be Beneficial for Any Business

Obviously this is a great tool for someone like me that trains businesses. But when I saw Sensei, I immediately started thinking of how my clients could use it as well.

Here are some examples of how you can use this tool:

New Employee Training

Many businesses have a set of rules and procedures they want new employees to learn, but how can you really be sure they have learned what they need to know?

Create lessons and quizzes in Sensei.  Before the employee can begin working they must be able to pass the tests you have created and to do that they have study the lessons.

New Training for Current Employees

Do you have a new system you want your employees to learn, but you’re not sure how if everyone has paid attention?

Well, this could be your answer. Create courses for current employees and set a required percentage on quizzes for them to pass. With training and tests in place there is no excuse for mistakes.


It is critical that all of your staff knows the menu well and can answer questions appropriately. In fact, it can be a matter of life and death when it comes to allergies your customers may have.

With Sensei you can make sure your employees know your menu like the back of their hand by offering them a fantastic teaching tool and required tests. There are also a variety of checkout systems restaurants use to monitor sales and money.

With Sensei, you can make sure everyone knows how to use your system and there are no “I didn’t know” excuses.

Businesses with Required Procedures

Many businesses need all employees to follow a defined list of procedures and when procedures are missed, the quality can be minimized. Why not teach new employees your step-by-step procedures with an online course?

You can also create a course for current employees as a refresher.


All businesses have safety procedures in place, but some have more than others. Make sure every employee you have knows safety procedures perfectly. For many businesses, proof of education of employees is a factor in insurance and workman’s comp.

Use Sensei as part of your safety training and with the course analytics, you have proof of employee grades.  Every time your safety procedures are updated you can create a new lesson or course for them to use.

What You Need to Know

Sensei is a plugin for WordPress, meaning without a WP site the tool will not help you. Right now the introductory price is $79 for one site, but will go up to $99 soon. There are also prices for multiple sites and unlimited use as well. You can integrate WooCommerce into Sensei for course payment options.

This first version of Sensei is just the beginning. While it offers a lot now, it will offer more in the future. You can find more information at Woothemes [3].