9 Credit Card Sites To Help You Choose A Business Credit Card

Finding the best credit card for your business can be a daunting proposal. With so many cards on the market, each offering different benefits (and drawbacks), which is right for you?

Several websites aim to make the selection process easier for small business owners, so that you can narrow down and find the best credit card for your particular needs.

The sites below cover business credit cards, and include consumer credit cards, too. The major banks are all listed along with some minor financial players. Most provide links that allow you to apply immediately after making your selection and for many, that is how they earn revenue. Some are advertising-based.

Choose the Best Credit Card Site for Your Business

GetRichSlowly has financial advice on many areas of personal finance, but under the credit card tab, you can select “small business.” It allows you to sort based on the amount you expect to spend each month and whether or not you will carry a balance. But the details about rewards are prominent and you have to click “see more info” to view APR and annual fee information. This is a rich resource site and I have been a fan of it for quite some time.

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Card Hub offers a direct comparison between different card rates, rewards and fees. It allows you to search for the best credit card for you based on what you find most important, as in points, cash back, and so forth. I like that you can compare foreign transaction fees and transfer fees.

Bankrate.com is a well known and reputable website. It gives you details about how each business card can work for your business. Introductory APRs, Regular APRs and annual fees, whether you can transfer balances and what kind of credit you will need are all laid out and easy to view. The site only gives the sorting option of “business,” so the search is not as detailed as on other sites.

CreditCards.com gives you a summary of card benefits and rewards, but detailed APRs, annual fees and the credit rating are required to apply for the card. Its search items are limited. You can search by the type of credit card you would like or by your credit quality.

Billshrink gives you the option of looking for charge cards or credit cards. Frankly, this confuses many people and I found The Street’s explanation helpful: Charge Card Vs. Credit Card: What’s The Difference? The service allows you to search based on what you spend and what your credit rating is expected to be. The card summaries focus on the rewards you can earn, which may not be as important for some small business owners. They also maintain a Billshrink for Business page, but I found the main service useful, too.

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CardRatings.com gives you details about cards, but it does not have easy to find APR, annual fee, and credit facts. This site allows you to sort business cards by the amount you plan to spend each month and by whether you carry a balance or not. There are “editor’s ratings,” but these seem to vary between four or five stars.

CreditCardGuide allows you to sort cards by credit rating and issuer, like other sites. However, this website includes fuel and fleet cards as well as regular credit cards. Cards are listed with details, but APRs and annual fees are easy to find at the bottom of each listing.

CreditCardConnection.org allows you to compare the credit cards offered by credit unions in your state. Although the site only allows you to search for credit cards by state and then gives you a rather disorganized list, it links you to each credit union website so you can explore the opportunities offered for not only credit cards, but for other business accounts.

CreditCards.org allows you to sort cards by credit rating and issuer. APR, annual fees, and credit rating are all easy to find. This site has an additional benefit of telling you what the average rate for your credit rating is each day.

If you have a service that has helped you find the best credit card and we didn’t include it, please share it in the comments.

Finding the best credit card for your business isn’t easy, but hopefully this post can get you started.

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