Infusionsoft Announces My Day and Campaign Marketplace

Infusionsoft product announcement videoInfusioncon is the annual user conference for customers of Infusionsoft marketing automation software. This year Infusioncon was host to over 2,000 people, mostly entrepreneurs and those representing small businesses, at the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Like most user conferences, Infusioncon 2013 started off with product announcements.

We caught up with Richard Tripp, who is Infusionsoft’s Chief Product Officer, where he is responsible not only for product management, but for customer service.

He  offered a few key points about the recent product direction in 2013.  In our interview (video below), Tripp notes:

“My Day” introduced —   My Day gives access to the most important elements in Infusionsoft – all in one place. Tripp quotes a customer who said My Day will “give the ability to do in minutes what literally took days.”  A lot of the work of a sales person is looking for needles in a haystack he notes, and “having the ability to stay organized and keep yourself focused on the hottest business that’s about ready to close is a huge effort that salespeople engage in everyday.”  It’s designed for sales people to organize their work and find everything they need in one interface, saving clicks and time.

Campaign Marketplace —  Marketing templates are a new important feature. Tripp notes that one of the biggest challenges they’ve heard from small business marketers is “do we really have to reinvent all these wheels” building campaigns from scratch?  Infusionsoft recently launched a Campaign Marketplace to give users access to pre-built marketing templates. Says Tripp, it gives access “to the very best practices…. So new Infusionsoft users will be able to come in and simply choose [templates] and then do some minor editing, where other people had to come in and do a lot of creative strategic work. That’s a big direction for us.”


Editor’s Note: This report about Infusioncon 2013 (#ICON13), is provided by Tristan Pelligrino, a special correspondent on behalf of Small Business Trends. Infusionsoft has more than 13,000 customers and 50,000 individual users.

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Tristan Pelligrino Tristan Pelligrino is the Co-founder of 522 Productions and Co-owner of 522 Digital. He enjoys writing about technology, marketing and online video.

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