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Marketing to Women: Why Content Marketing Is the Best Strategy

marketing to womenYou might think that marketers would have developed a highly evolved strategy to sell products and services to a demographic that makes up just over half of the Earth’s population.

But it turns out that the trusted “strategy” when marketing to women is actually something akin to “slap a pink bow on it and call it a day.”

Although most efforts when marketing to women fall painfully short of creative (and effective), it turns out that content marketing is actually the perfect strategy for reaching the female demographic.

Marketing to Women: What Women Want

Pink is Ineffective and Sometimes Insulting

At the heart of content marketing is the idea that communicating deeply with potential customers and clients is beneficial to sales, and that well-educated consumers tend to be more loyal.

Well, pink marketing can do the exact opposite of that.

It turns out that something like 90% of women feel like businesses and marketers don’t understand the needs [1] of the female demographic.

Why is that?

Understandably, women, like any other consumers, want information about the products and services that they’re spending their hard-earned cash on. Women don’t particularly care if something is pink. More important factors in women’s purchasing decisions [2] include things like information about multiple functionality, features and pricing, as well as stuff like size and weight.

Enter Content Marketing

If giving potential clients and customers more information sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’re already thinking about content marketing. Women want information, not color schemes.

In fact, Jack Morton, a brand experience agency, put together a guide to marketing towards women [3] last year, seen below, that recommends providing education and information as the number one way to market to women.

Another guide on marketing to women, this one by the Outdoor Foundation [4], highlights transparency as a big way to get women’s business.

What better way might you supply more insight into the workings of your business than by writing about it (or paying somebody else to write about it for you)?

The Bottom Line

If you want to reach out to a female audience, “pink and frilly” is not the way to go.

But blogs, eBooks and guides?

They’re absolutely perfect for giving women the information that they want when they’re making a purchasing decision.

A Woman [5] Photo via Shutterstock