Pinterest Analytics: Shows You What Drives Traffic to Your Site

Pinterest just unveiled a new traffic measuring tool that website owners can use to see their site’s activity from the social site. Pinterest Web Analytics can show how many people have pinned images from your website, how many other users have viewed these pins, and how many people have visited your website from Pinterest.

The photo below shows a site metrics chart. This can illustrate how many pins, pinners, repins, repinners, impressions, clicks, and visitors your site has received on a given day or measure trends of activity over a longer time period.

pinterest web analytics

The thought behind Pinterest Web Analytics is that it not only allows you to measure reach and see how many visitors Pinterest drives to your site, but it can also help you see what kind of content is most likely to attract an audience.

Writing on the official Pinterest blog Pinterest Software Engineer, Tao Tao, says:

“We think that these tools will help website owners understand what’s working for them and what’s not so that they can create even better pins in the future.”

To use Pinterest Analytics, you must first have a verified website. Then you must sign up for early access to Pinterest’s new look, which you can find in the site’s profile menu. Once there, you can select Analytics from the top right menu and immediately begin viewing your site’s activity. The tool is free to use today.

This is Pinterest’s first official analytics offering. Before the release, there were third-party Pinterest tools such as Pinfluencer that allowed site owners to find similar insights into their Pinterest activity. Some of these services still offer tools that Pinterest does not. For example, Pinfluencer facilitates running contests on the site. But the availability of simpler analytics tools could cause users switch over to the official Pinterest Web Analytics.

Pinterest has been working toward becoming a more business-friendly platform in recent months, with the introduction of business accounts and its official business site. The company said that Pinterest Web Analytics is a “first step” toward making business owners understand their audiences and the types of content they want to see shared.

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  1. I’m liking how several of these social media platforms are coming out with their own Analytics systems. This makes is much easier to pinpoint what methods are working effectively which aren’t. Thanks for sharing, Annie.