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Self Employment: How to Translate Your Efforts Into Success

self employmentIn this article, we’re going to explore the:

Have you asked yourself, “Is it the right time to quit my job and start a business on my own?”

The answer, as much as you hate it, is – it depends. Your circumstances are unique; they determine whether this is the right choice for you.

While self employment seems to be a safer option than paid employment in present times, whether it suits you or not depends on a lot of factors. Before you try to determine which option is right for you, you need to understand the difference between employment and self employment.

Employment Versus Self Employment

Employment is Like Renting, Self Employment is Like Owning 

The latter option gives you the flexibility to make alterations and modifications according to your wishes. Something you cannot do in the former case.

Employment Gives You a Single Source of Income – Your Employer

Whether you are earning a salary or incentives, all of these come from this single source. However, this is not a constraint if you choose self employment. You may be able to earn from different sources, such as product sales, client consultations, etc.

Employment Can Never Guarantee Job Stability, Even When You’re a Star Performer

Self employment, on the other hand, may take time to establish. However, it can guarantee stability after a specific period – and with considerable effort.

Now that you are aware of the ways in which self employment differs from employment, the next question is:  Why should you consider it?

Reasons for Self Employment

No Considerable Difference in Income

While it takes time to earn profits from a new business, once it is up and running, the income can be as much as employment. Moreover, the rewards you get are directly proportional to the efforts you put in. Something that may not be available in a corporate environment.

Ease of Availability of Government Programs

Your eligibility depends on a number of factors. However, if your business idea is viable, you may be able to find assistance from government programs aimed at entrepreneurs.

Options Available Whatever Your Age

It may be difficult to find a new job after a certain age, especially at times of economic crunch. There are no such limitations on opportunities when you work for yourself. Furthermore, you may continue working for as long as you wish when you own and operate your own business.

Achieve a Work-Life Balance

If your work is all that you have, you are losing out on precious “me-time.” When you opt for self employment, you can create a work-life balance and maintain it too.

You Get to Chase Your Dream

The most important reason for self employment is perhaps the fact that this gives you the way to chase your big dream and make something out of it. If you have a vision, but never try to realize it, you may have to live with this regret your entire life. Self employment gives you the chance to be your own boss.

It seems that it truly is the right time to try your hand at your own business. However, it is more easily said than done. This is a big decision and it involves a lot of risks as well. Before you take the plunge, below are a few things you need to know to reduce the risks.

Reduce the Risks of Self Employment

Make Sure You Have Enough Security Money

When starting a new business, the first thing you need to keep aside is ample security money. Nothing can guarantee the absolute success of a new venture. For this, you need to make sure that you have adequate funds to pay your bills for at least a few months.

Make Sure You Have Work Experience in the Same Field

If you are venturing out into a field you know nothing of, chances of failure increase. It is better to acquire some experience before you take any step in this regard.

Make Sure You Have a Business Plan

Creating a business plan can make or break your business. For this, you have to find answers to a number of questions regarding the viability of the idea, the availability of the market for your products or services, the position of your competitors, etc.

Make Sure You Have a Plan of Only What You Can Afford

Big plans may not mean anything if you do not have a sound basis for such plans. The finances you can arrange and attract play a significant role in the business plan you prepare.

Make Sure You Have Additional Financial Resources

Keep in mind that you have to spend more than you plan initially. The costs, almost always, are more than what you planned. In such a circumstance, you may have to arrange for more funds. It is, therefore, important that you have sources from which you can borrow.

Assessing your circumstances is necessary for determining whether it is the right time for becoming an entrepreneur. Ample planning and research are necessary for starting a new business and making it a success.

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