Time For Small Businesses to Take Mobile Seriously [Infographic]

It’s abundantly clear from the release of Google AdWords Enhanced campaigns that mobile search is big. Most likely, it will be at the forefront of advertising for the foreseeable future. That’s no surprise given that mobile searches are up 200% year over year.

As a small business, understanding the mobile marketing landscape and how Google plans to play in that space will be critical for charting your mobile search marketing strategy in the near term.

Outlined in this mobile infographic are Google’s top 20 mobile products. Included is a report card that grades each product based on quality, adoption, originality, value to users, value to advertisers and other criteria.

Whether you agree or disagree with the product gradings, the mobile infographic provides a comprehensive overview to Google’s exciting portfolio of mobile products.



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  1. It almost seems like Google recognizes that their efforts in social with G+ aren’t yielding the results they’d hoped and they are shifting their focus to mobile. Enhanced campaigns shows they are willing to “put their money where their mouth is” on the subject.

    • in the last google earnings call, Google+ wasn’t even mentioned. They mentioned driverless car, google now, mobile, knowledge graph, google maps, etc.

  2. Mobile advertising/marketing is ever increasing by the day. It’s vital that SMBs cease the opportunity now to capitalize on it. Thanks for sharing this informative infographic with us.


  3. Agreed, it is becoming critical for small businesses to integrate mobile-ready websites into their marketing strategies. Also, now that the smart phone trends are starting to lean towards larger screens and HD, and are overall graphically inclined, it creates a real opportunity for SMBs to showcase their sites and products.

  4. Great infographic!

    Mobile is so important.

    It’s so frustrating to access a website on my SmartPhone…or on my wife’s tablet, and not see what i need to see on a website. (In order to make a decision…or maybe even a purchase)

    Again, nice work.

    The Franchise King®