Tribeca Cloud Launches Turnkey Solution for Deploying Open Source Platforms In The Cloud

NEW YORK, March 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Most small businesses today embrace the cloud for communication and collaboration services such as email, data storage and file sharing. But few take advantage of the more sophisticated opportunities cloud computing offers, particularly for deploying and managing platforms.

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Enter Tribeca Cloud. New York-based Tribeca Cloud has launched an innovative service better enabling small- to medium-sized businesses to get their websites, intranets and business platforms off the ground and in the cloud quickly and easily. Built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the global leader in cloud computing, Tribeca Cloud simplifies and automates the process of discovering, deploying and managing open source platforms.

Tribeca Cloud features an unbiased recommendation engine to help businesses with small or over-worked IT departments or limited technical knowledge find the best open source platforms and most efficient server configurations for their Web projects. The service offers a reliable and secure cloud hosting solution that automatically installs and deploys platforms and server instances in a highly scalable cloud environment. Backed by a dedicated, knowledgeable support team, Tribeca Cloud is well-positioned and able to solve server issues quickly and assist with platform or plug-in questions.

“Backed by our recommendation engine, cloud hosting solution and knowledgeable support services, businesses don’t need an extensive technical knowledge or expertise in order to deploy open source platforms in the cloud,” said Eric Diamond, founder and CEO of Tribeca Cloud. “Tribeca Cloud reduces barriers to entry and saves businesses the time and money, eliminating the need to research and evaluate platforms, calculate CPU, RAM, and disk space, and compare confusing hosting pricing models.”

Tribeca Cloud offers a selection of the top open source platforms including Drupal, SugarCRM, Magento, and Kaltura CE. By supporting open source platforms, the service provides businesses with flexible, dependable, low-cost solutions for their projects and frees them from vendor and proprietary technology lock-in.

With strong initial client interest, Tribeca Cloud has already signed on inaugural clients in the healthcare, financial services and education industries, and has generated considerable interest from a broad range of companies in diverse end sectors worldwide.

“Feedback from existing clients and our market research illustrates there is a huge gap between the high-end application deployment solutions for enterprise and lower-cost hosting services like GoDaddy that cater to average consumers. We created Tribeca Cloud to provide small- to medium-sized businesses with enterprise-level technology and support, coupled with ease of use and affordability,” said Diamond. “We look forward to extending our client network and providing our valuable expertise and services to a growing number of clients in the years ahead.”

About Tribeca Cloud:
Launched in 2013, Tribeca Cloud was created to help small businesses get web-based projects off the ground and into the cloud quickly and easily. Tribeca Cloud provides an innovative combination of a platform-recommendation engine and cloud hosting service – all backed by best-in-class support. Powered by Amazon Web Services, Tribeca Cloud offers a variety of basic and managed hosting plans for businesses and projects of all sizes. Headquartered in New York City, Tribeca Cloud was founded by CEO Eric Diamond.

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