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5 Customer Service Lessons From Yahoo’s Missteps

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In the past eight months, I’ve had my Yahoo email account hacked four different times. Considering that I’m a pretty savvy internet user who knows about basic security practices, that’s pretty pitiful on Yahoo’s part.

Apparently, I’m not alone. Thousands of Yahoo account users have reported that their accounts have been compromised [1] – even public figures such as Sarah Palin have had issues with their Yahoo accounts [2]. Despite the fact that these matters have persisted for several months, Yahoo has been slow to address and fix them.

Could this be the reason Yahoo currently has 12.2 percent of the market share [3] compared to 66.7 percent for Google? Is this part of the reason Yahoo’s traffic is dropping at an alarming rate [4]?

Customer service is one of the many backbones of any business, and unfortunately Yahoo has failed to deliver theirs. Brands seeking to grow their place in the market would benefit from a lesson on Yahoo’s customer service missteps and, hopefully, Yahoo can recover.

5 Customer Service Lessons From Yahoo’s Missteps

Over Communicate

Yahoo has had a problem with email security [5] since January 2013, so why has it taken them so long to address the issue?

The online world evolves at a breathtaking pace and online consumers similarly expect fast communication. Your online customer service should be quick and effective.

Make it Personal

One of the reasons Marissa Mayer was an exceptional choice as Yahoo’s CEO went beyond her qualifications – it’s her personality [5]. She’s personable, a woman and she took a CEO job while pregnant. Unlike your typical CEO figure, Mayer is expected to breath new personality into Yahoo, and that excited investors.

Likewise, your customer service shouldn’t simply aim to solve and prevent consumer problems. Instead, target their emotions and a personal connection with them.

Broadcast Efficiently

When news broke of widespread email security breaches, why wasn’t Yahoo on the frontline warning users about the issue? Sure, they were probably trying to avoid negative publicity. But couldn’t they have at least warned us that something was going on?

For most of us, we didn’t realize that anything was amiss until our own accounts were compromised.

Ask for Feedback

Utilizing consumer information is a powerful tool and strategy that any brand can incorporate. Yahoo could have asked for customer feedback concerning their response to the hackings or whether or not their account was safe.

Unfortunately, Yahoo seemed pretty uptight about the whole situation and didn’t communicate or offer a solution. Hopefully other users had a different experience.

Focus on the Details

When a customer has an issue, they don’t care about your marketing strategy, apologies or about how great your brand is. They simply want the issue fixed. When you rectify a negative situation, the customer remembers the good experience and will do business with you again.

While Yahoo didn’t fix their email security immediately, they can rely on the power of their name and the history of their brand to retain users. Not all businesses have that luxury, so focusing on a customer’s problems immediately is crucial.

Concerned Emoticon [6] Photo via Shutterstock