Flipboard App Reports Half-a-Million “Magazines” and Counting

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The team responsible for the popular Flipboard app reports half-a-million new “magazines” and counting have been created since a new edition was launched two weeks ago. Observers are already saying the tool could become a unique way for businesses to promote themselves.

Flipboard offers an iOS app, also soon to be updated on Android, that turns Twitter, Facebook and other news feeds into a magazine-style format.

The news suggests that a lot of Web readers may be trending toward an even more visual and tactile experience online. An infographic posted on Inside Flipboard, the Official Flipboard Blog, indicates that users are clearly taking to the new concept. There are now 53 million Flipboard readers, including an additional 3 million added in the last two weeks. In that time, users have created more than 500,000 “magazines” and the visually-appealing are the most popular in two weeks.

In the new Flipboard app, users come across content they find interesting that they’ve read or things they plan or want to read in the future and curate that content into “magazines.” Flipboard largely organizes the content that’s stored and creates a layout. These “magazines” can be read privately or shared with other Flipboard users. Users can integrate their own social network feeds onto Flipboard, too.

The Flipboard app team says the “most flipped” content on the new service includes pages of photos, travel and food pieces.

A recent update on the new Flipboard app from Forbes tech columnist Jason Evangelho suggests the new service could be a good promotional tool for personal and business needs. The key, he says, is not just to promote yourself but also other related content. “A good rule of thumb: If it interests you as it relates to your specialty, chances are good it will interest your intended audience.”

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