iCrowd Launches Validated Experts Program to Help Entrepreneurs Connect with Small Business Resources

RYE, N.Y., April 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — iCrowd, the most advanced social network for investment crowdfunding in the U.S., today announced that it has launched its Validated Experts program.  The program will arm entrepreneurs and small business owners with access to consultants and industry-specific information that will support business growth and development. The Validated Expert program is the latest initiative to enable entrepreneurs, mentors, and peers to engage with one another on iCrowd’s social platform.

Validated Experts have demonstrated successful track records and levels of expertise in a variety of specific sectors useful to small businesses.  The iCrowd team conducted a rigorous process to screen and vet the credentials of each applicant before adding each expert to iCrowd’s platform.

“Our subject-matter experts enrich discussions on iCrowd through their deep understanding of issues facing entrepreneurs,” said Brad McGee, co-founder of iCrowd.  “They will raise the quality of discourse found in over 700 questions and thousands of answers that pertain to starting and growing businesses.”

The first crop of approved Validated Experts includes accomplished professionals in the areas of strategy, financing, public relations, franchising, SEO, business process, web design, investments, and M&A. In addition to participating in the conversations already taking place on iCrowd, experts will also submit articles of interest to the iCrowd Academy. In exchange for their efforts, experts will receive a special status designation on their iCrowd profile. iCrowd members will be able to locate and connect with experts in each category and to request individual counsel.

“iCrowd offers small business owners and entrepreneurs the advice and tools they need,” said, John Callaghan, co-founder of iCrowd. “The Validated Experts program, connecting members with the expertise they require, supplements the crowdsourced information already available to the iCrowd community. The program is another reflection of iCrowd’s commitment to provide small businesses with the resources for success.”

About iCrowd
iCrowd LLC is committed to providing advice and education to help entrepreneurs succeed in starting and/or growing their businesses.  Through a richly interactive web-based community, primarily supported by user-generated content, iCrowd promotes socially enriched exchanges that foster a shared passion for inspired ideas to empower entrepreneurs with the information, insight, and motivation necessary to translate these concepts into tangible business success.

iCrowd intends to become a premier, registered funding portal once the final rules for Investment Crowdfunding under the JOBS Act are implemented.  At that time, iCrowd will enableentrepreneurs to engage with each other and with potential investors to fine-tune their business concept or growth idea and secure financing directly from investors.  Investors become an integral part of the entrepreneur’s success through their advice, investment, and advocacy. More information about iCrowd can be found at www.icrowd.com.

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