LinkedIn Unveils Streamlined Search

linkedin streamlined search

LinkedIn Streamlined Search has been unveiled by the social network. The update will give users more refined and personalized results.

LinkedIn Product Manager Johnathan Podemsky writes on the company’s official blog:

“We’ve unified the search experience so you no longer need to search for people, companies, or jobs separately. Now, all you need to do is type what you’re looking for into the search box and you’ll see a comprehensive page of results that pulls content from all across LinkedIn including people, jobs, groups and companies.”

Some of the new LinkedIn Streamlined Search features include auto-complete and suggested searches. Both features try to direct the user based on anticipating the intent of a search. A “smarter query intent algorithm” is designed to bring an individual, logged-on user more customized results the more searches they perform. LinkedIn began launching its new search feature on a limited basis this week and will release it globally in the next few weeks.

The new LinkedIn Streamlined Search feature will definitely depend on a user’s interactions with the social site. Matthew Toren at YoungEntrepreneur writes that there are several key steps to take to get the most from the new LinkedIn search. These include completing a full and thorough profile, joining the right groups, sharing valuable content, becoming a resource rather than just a vendor on the site and optimizing a profile for the new search feature.

Toren writes, “Make sure your primary expertise is displayed in your headline, your job function and within your job descriptions. You can see how many times your profile has come up in search, so track this before and after your optimization efforts. If needed, keep tweaking your profile to improve the numbers.”

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  1. Seems like a very natural move, but it’s definitely well appreciated. Any idea how this will impact ad serving?

  2. Very nice to see LinkedIn implementing features that help with its user experience.

    Just like the new in-status tagging feature they introduced.

  3. It’s good to finally see Linkedin rolling out some new features. I think this will do great to improve user experience and get more people to actually utilize the platform, rather than just having their profile there collecting dust (like mine is). 🙂