Small Business News Stories in Perspective – Week of April 12


Here is a recap of key stories and developments this week in small business news … in case you missed them.

Much of the small business news involves economic and policy issues.  Big picture issues like Saturday mail delivery not going away after all, the Federal budget, and the use (or misuse) of taxpayer funds were the biggest headlines.

The news in social media, commerce and online marketing was relatively light this week. LinkedIn introduced streamlined search, and the world is still digesting the news about Facebook Home.
More detail is below, as the Small Business Trends Editorial Team puts it all in perspective:

Small Business Operations

Economy, Taxes and Lending

Social Media

  • LinkedIn announced a new streamlined search –  The social-media arms race continues. After Facebook announced its new “graph search” in March, LinkedIn announced a unified search function – no longer do you need to search people, companies and jobs separately. Results are also more customized.  BizSugar member Tom Allton of The Social Media Hat also looks at LinkedIn Insights for your company page.
  • Facebook expands advertiser features – again  Is your head spinning with all the advertising features the social media giants keep introducing?  Our heads are, too.  But if your small business is into advertising on Facebook, check out our simple guide to Facebook Partner Categories.
  • Klout scores now incorporate Bing and Instagram information –  For those who obsess over Klout scores, your activity on Instagram and Bing will now be taken into account in scores.  If like some people you ignore Klout scores, then you can also ignore this news.
  • Facebook Home for Android was introduced – In case you missed it, late the previous week Facebook announced an app called Facebook Home. It puts Facebook front and center on the home screen of Android devices. This week we started seeing positive reviews and negative user reviews.

Technology, Commerce and Online  Marketing

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