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10 Ways To Stand Out, Get Noticed and Be Remembered

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In creating and building an online presence, ultimately we want to stand out, get noticed and be remembered for the right reasons.

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well. ~ Jeff Bezos [1]

This requires a thoughtful, strategic, purposeful process and most importantly, consistency.

We remember negative things more than positive, and we always remember people by how they make us feel. Mary C. Lamia, Ph.D. in clinical psychology, from “Emotional Memories: When People and Events Remain With You” [2] says:

How fortunate that the mind can summon emotional memories of exciting and unsullied love, pride in endeavors or joy that was felt at an amazing moment in time.

We can create and control these positive emotional memories for our community and clients. It doesn’t happen quickly or overnight, and even when we notice someone, if you research them, usually they have been working at it for a while. But, it does happen:

If you don’t do it and create it there’s nothing to be found.

Do an Internet search of yourself to see how you are branded and see how everything you are doing is working. The search engines simply publish what you create, they don’t edit anything.

What’s your hub and home for your brand and content marketing? Where do you point people?


We are connectors, publishers, curators and authors who now have several ways and means to promote and market what we do and create.

10 Ways to Stand Out, Get Noticed and Be Remembered

If you want to stand out and be found, do things and create things that people will remember you positively for. Show up, join in, get involved.

A colleague and fellow blogger Lisa Baron in “How to Be Remembered [3],” talks about “using all the tools available to me so that I can be me as loud as I possibly can.” She offers some common sense, easy to do suggestions that anyone can use and follow to stand out.

What do you do to stand out, get noticed and be remembered?

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