Verizon Wireless Rolls Out Online Storage for Files

Verizon online file storage

Verizon recently rolled out 500 MB of free online storage for its customers that use certain smartphones and tablets. It allows them to sync stored data between some Android and Apple devices.

Called Verizon Cloud, Verizon customers get the first 500 MB for free.  After that, customers of Verizon pay for more storage through either of two plans: $2.99 per month gets you 25 gigabytes of storage and $9.99 for 125 gigabytes. points out that Verizon’s 125 GB offer compares favorably with Dropbox which offers 100 GB for the same price.  But Google Drive and Microsoft’s Sky Drive are offered at about half that price.

One thing that sets the Verizon offering apart is that it can store call logs and text messages — along with music, video, and other files.

According to Verizon’s David Samberg, “Additionally, as customers use multiple devices, sometimes running on different operating systems, Verizon Cloud will allow for the transferring of some content between Android and iOS devices, making it accessible across smartphones, tablets and computers.” reports that the Verizon Cloud service will only be available on a limited selection of devices initially, all devices manufactured by either Motorola, HTC, or Samsung.

A Consumer Product – But Some Business Implications

Keep in mind that this offering  is positioned as a consumer product, and not intended for businesses.  No word was given about whether the storage can be used with Verizon small business plans.

However, many solo entrepreneurs and home-based business owners use consumer plans for their wireless devices.

Also, sometimes employees use their own wireless devices in work situations, due to the BYOD trend.  Keep that in mind when it comes to record retention and other policies.  Employees may be saving files in the cloud, from their personal devices that they also use for work – one more thing for your IT Department to consider.

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