How to Build More Confidence and Be More Successful

build confidence

Confidence in yourself, others and in your business is vital to your success. If you are thinking of starting a business or you already own a business, you must already have some self-confidence to take such a big risk.

Having confidence in your abilities is vital to your success in business because without it, you might be able to start a business, but you will likely hesitate to expand or leave your comfort zone, which is necessary to grow and thrive in a competitive economy.

How do you build your own confidence and the confidence of your employees? How do you build it into the very structure of your organization? These questions are the focus of this article because they are so important to your overall success.

Build Confidence

To build your own self-confidence it is important to focus on your successes. Don’t be afraid to post your past accomplishments and successes on the walls of your office. Doing so will constantly remind you that you have a history of success and are worthy of more.

In building your confidence, focus on what you can actually change.  For example, if you know your communication skills are weak, take actions to improve them. Every little step in the right direction will build your confidence.

Also, don’t take on big issues at work without reaching out to your support network. You need to bring everyone to the table that can play a role in finding a solution. Keeping all the problems on your shoulders does nothing but bring you down. Showing confidence in your team builds up the overall confidence of everyone involved.

Your personal self-confidence also comes from trusting yourself to make good business decisions. Start by concentrating on the positive outcomes of your past decisions.  Have you made some bad decisions in the past? Congratulations, you’re human!

Take a lesson from them, and then let them go. Concentrate on all the right ones. You need to have a looping highlight reel of your successes playing in your mind in order to trust yourself enough to be successful in future decisions.

Instill Confidence in Others

Instilling confidence in your employees begins with training, and should incorporate systems and autonomy. For example, if an employee is tasked with dealing with customers, they must be trained, follow processes or guidelines, and be empowered to do their job.

They cannot be put in a position where they have to look to others to solve every little issue that arises. They need to know you trust them to find solutions to simple problems.

Remember Lessons of Confidence and Humility

There is no successful CEO or sports star that is suffering from lack of confidence. What can we learn from highly-successful people? First, there is such a thing as too much confidence. We must guard against that. There is a balance to be found there. Humility is an important part of success.

As you build your own confidence and that of your employees, your business will thrive, and you will enjoy running your organization more. Take a moment right now to think about some of your past accomplishments; your confidence will immediately start to soar.

Make a habit of this, and your business will start to soar too.

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Dave Lavinsky Dave Lavinsky is the author of, Start At The End, and a serial entrepreneur having founded companies in multiple areas. Dave runs GrowThink, a consulting and information products firm that has helped over 500,000 entrepreneurs and business owners to start, grow and sell their businesses.

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  1. My only fear is not knowing the truth and facts about what I am doing. In result, I don’t feel confident and competitive enough. I’ve been too defensive and became a coward. But I realized that it is foolish to fear what is yet to be seen and done. To be able to feel confident about yourself, you must be strong. And to be strong, you should learn from your mistakes.

  2. Great Blog Dave. There is an old Saying “It is confidence and pressure handling ability which differentiate between being successful or ending up without successes” Completely agree to the post. 🙂