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4 Essential Role Players You Want On Your Team

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Do you have a mentor, accountability partner, confidant and evangelist on your business team?

“Nobody has ever before asked the nuclear family to live all by itself in a box the way we do. With no relatives, no support, we’ve put it in an impossible situation.” ~ Margaret Mead

We can not afford to have a lone wolf, go it alone, isolationist mentality in our life or business. That is not a survivalist formula. We live in a hyper connected, engagement, interactivity, real time world. The World Wide Web, social media and smartphones have connected us all far and wide, 24/7.

Having an extended support system of key people that we can seek out and rely on to help us through moments and cycles of fast paced change is a valuable asset to have.

I think back to several turning points in my life and can clearly remember how important my support system was and is.  The 4 years my mother took ill and then passed, the months leading up to leaving a 20+ year career in Broadcast radio sales, launching my current endeavor, challenging economic times and 2012 which was a turning point year for me.

My support system guided me through all of  those moments, times and cycles helping me to find the humor, wisdom and grace in the challenge and the solution.

I have always welcomed and sought out great people as mirrors, sounding boards and sources of feedback from my family, friends and colleagues. We are built as social creatures and need to have community and connections to survive. The importance, value and benefits of a support system and role players in life and business are well documented in history [1].

Below are 4 essential role players to have on your business team that can make a huge difference in your sanity and the outcome of things.

4 Essential Players You Want On Your Business Team


Having people who educate, inspire and pass on what they know and have learned is an old tradition.

“Seek out mentors who offer you career guidance, advice and assistance from a real world point-of-view”, says Chrissy Scivicque in “How To Start a Mentorship Relationship [2].” She suggests choosing someone you respect, is willing and available and that you like personally.

The key is defining the relationship from the beginning and making it an open dialogue.

Accountability Partners or Group

Accountability is our ability and willingness to give an honest account to someone else of our actions and motives. Who do you trust to keep you on track, honest, true to your word and that you allow to call you out when you don’t fulfill your promises?

This can be uncomfortable but very beneficial.


We all need those inner circles of trusted people we can have honest conversations with about what’s really going on, that we may not have with anyone else, including family.

Airing out fears, reservations, dilemma’s and self confidence issues can be empowering. Confidants can be found [3] through friends and family, self help groups, counselors or meeting new people through shared activities.


Welcoming people who are your ambassadors, cheerleaders and evangelists is such an esteem builder. These are people who truly believe in us and like us with no agenda, who are simply our fans. Here are some things that an ambassador or evangelist does for us in business [4].

Not only welcome them but let them consistently support and cheer you through and on.

Build a championship team of people who can help you grow, accepts you exactly the way you are and has your best interest at heart. These role players are the true secrets to success and happiness. It begins with “me” and continues with “we.”

Who are the key role players on your business team that are on your side and make a difference?