Factors Responsible for the Imminent eCommerce Growth Wave

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It is natural that every etailer predicts future trends that fuel eCommerce growth. Some become successful in predicting the right trends while a few fail to do so. A healthy growth figure of eCommerce success can only be impacted by the integration of various strategies that can make online shopping more enjoyable and unique. However, these strategies are quick to implement.

If you are one such eCommerce entrepreneur reading this to learn about the prospective trends to follow for your online store, you have landed at the right place. This will provide you with a comprehensive picture of the factors that will drive the next eCommerce growth wave.

Factors Responsible for the eCommerce Growth Wave

Curated eCommerce

Shopping for lifestyle is more engaging and richer as analysis sees it across eCommerce industries. The powerful influence of various social media tools such as Pinterest or Facebook allows consumers to organize their favorite items and segment it into themed collections to share it with others.

This fuels personal expression in shopping and makes others reflect on their purchase decision. This is the evolution of influential personal recommendation.

Adoption of Multi-Channel Investments

Cross-channel investments are highly aggressive in augmenting both online and offline buying strategies. Multi-channel eCommerce business is an environment in which a company can sell through two or more online channels. Many stores are pushing endless-aisle initiatives and are being used as a warehouse for an online catalogue to enhance the speed of home delivery.

Sometimes a company also inherits legacy Web store from an acquisition.

Unique or Commoditized Products

Establishing a reputation and brand for quality products always drives demand. Commoditized products such as mainstream tools, consumer electronics or other equipment’s generally show less success while selling online. Even though these are the most popular online items, consumers prefer to buy them from renowned retailers such as eBay or Amazon.

Some small businesses have found success through affiliation with major retailers.


Businesses of any size have to be creative to stand out of the crowd. Ecommerce creativity emerges from multiple touches to produce continued interests in the products. In one word, this technique is popularly known as Remarketing.

When any potential customer visits a website but leaves it without purchasing any items, companies follow them online. The attitude of the customers can be changed through Remarketing. Remarketing can convince an online shopper to revisit a website to complete their purchase that they have previously failed to do. It is a method of conversion marketing which is a receptive marketing technique that endeavours to appeal a consumer response.

One can experience Remarketing if they notice any ads that are extremely reflective of their interests.

Maintaining eCommerce Sites by the Third-Party Provider

Creating an attractive and functional eCommerce site is quite a challenging task. However, a third-party eCommerce provider will make this task simple for you. They offer site set up and maintenance to entice businesses. For instance, some of the third-party eCommerce site providers do not charge any transaction fees once the items are sold. Instead, they offer monthly plans.

Besides, the emergence of digital services is gradually proving to be the leading driver for eCommerce growth. The rise of portable mobile devices and advanced videos is increasing the desire of the consumer to spend more time researching online for price matching and ultimately on their buying decision.

Let us find out the impact of mCommerce to drive eCommerce future progress. Research shows that 81% of the Smartphone users access the Internet on their mobile devices. Does the eCommerce store need any other reason to make their sites mobile optimized? (I guess NO). With the discovery of different innovative apps every day, eCommerce has matured extensively. It is not just the phones that are driving retail Web traffic, but, tablets are equally responsible in this context. Tablets are mostly used during evening prime-time hours, when the consumers are in their leisure state of mind.

Payment methods can make or break a purchase decision. The choice of payment methods offered to the consumer seems to be constantly evolving. Besides the growth of contactless payment methods with mobile transactions, there is a drastic change in the way people pay for their products. Services like Apple’s iTunes and PayPal have already initiated centralized payments on various mobile devices. Such liberties to accept payment will be invaluable for merchants of all sizes in the near future.

Nonetheless, eCommerce merchants have the freedom to incorporate richer media content than ever before. The increased use of videos to provide insights into products has undoubtedly made the shopping experience more delightful. Videos are a great alternative to give customers a virtual feel of products.

The eCommerce industry will continue to evolve and progress with the passage of time. Of all the upcoming trends, the only thing that will remain consistent is the need to build loyal customers through competing on value and by providing quality customer service.

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  1. Shawn Hessinger

    Hi William,
    I think I’d argue that the main factor driving the surge in eCommerce, like the one driving the surge in mobile purchasing, is the availability of the technology to consumers. This said, obviously entrepreneurs who tap into the popularity of purchasing online and from mobile devices will be the winners.

  2. Hello Shawn,

    Yes, you are right. I have already mentioned the same in the article. Please check the quoted text hre: “The rise of portable mobile devices and advanced videos is increasing the desire of the consumer to spend more time researching online for price matching and ultimately on their buying decision.”.

    It is obvious that any technological advancement that has an easy and wider access to people is going to rock! Here supply meets the demand.