5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Good Content

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Getting good content is difficult enough. It often needs to come from a professional SEO writer, not just a professional writer, and that comes at a cost. However, what does a business do once the content’s there? It can’t promote itself, and this will take some Web savvy. Otherwise, it’s a complete waste of money and that’s something no business wants. Below are some tips.

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Good Content

1. Use Analytics

Google Analytics is a free and very user-friendly tool that every business should be using. It can quickly tell site owners how many bouncebacks are happening, which pages are popular, which pages are sinking and in general how much traffic is coming to a site.

By using Google Analytics integration, owners can ensure that quality content is on all pages and take a closer look at the pages that are really excelling or not performing.

2. Keep it Updated

Even the best content can have a shelf life depending on the company and the content itself. While it’s crucial to invest in quality content at all times, don’t forget about updates and fresh content. This is especially critical for businesses that provide content on changing industries.

Stale content is useless even if it is good.

3. Promote, Promote, Promote

Nobody’s going to read great content if they don’t know about it. Promote new blogs or articles on every social media page, share it with bloggers, post videos on YouTube and generally get it out there.

Follow the rules for helping content go viral and make sure the writers are aware of this goal.

4. Use the Right Anchor Text

Anchor text is an important part of SEO. It’s the text that describes what a link is and can make someone click on an article–or not. Anchor text should never be duplicated and should incorporate SEO key phrases as well as marketing tactics.

Consider it the headline for the headline.

5. Turn It Into a White Paper or Best Of

Utilize the best content and get the most out of it. Best of lists, white papers or even mini-books that are sold on Amazon can all squeeze a little extra money out of existing high-quality content. For business owners looking to improve the bottom line, this is a must.

Make sure enough good content is available before starting this endeavor.

Great content is great, but it can’t succeed alone. Put in a little elbow grease to make the most of it.

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Drew Hendricks Drew Hendricks is a tech, social media and environmental addict. He writes for many major publications such as National Geographic, Technorati and The Huffington Post.

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  1. So true. This is how easy they see SEO but the truth is, it’s not. These are just basic activities they do; write content, share and optimize these links. It’s not that simple because you have to make some strategies how your post gets to your target audience so you can gain and generate traffic but it’s not just that. Like this post suggest we really need to have compelling content. I must agree.

  2. Heard some great suggestions where you have an infographic on a blog post, then you cut it up into slides for a Powerpoint deck on Slideshare, and then you add audio to the slides to make a YouTube video. Repurposing content in multiple places is just smart.

  3. Great tips here, especially analytics. It can give you so much data to make your content even better.