10 Visual Social Media Tips for Image Success

image success

So your online business has always experienced praise for its crisp quality content from customers and admirers? But as of late, maybe you’ve noticed that your posts are facing a lot of stagnancy in reaching your perfect target audience? And after initial analysis, you may have realized that your social media messages somehow lacked the “visual magic” that is necessary for image success?  Below are some tips to get you back on track.

Social Media Tips for Image Success

Tying the Knot with Visuals

Images add that much needed zing to your text. Subject specific photos accompanied by fast paced text makes the messages move faster across several channels. Trash the readability woes of your clients by clearing off the content clutter.

Place the perfect blend of words and visuals into a trendy look and witness its reflection on the soaring sales of your products and services.

Your Business in Pictures

Tell the world what you do by garnishing your rich content with just the right photos. Try to have an interactive illustration or a pictorial layout through which you can pamper your clients with surprises and offers.

The pictures should be able to reflect the current scenario of your business: A sharp rise in sales can either have a graphic view or a couple of nice doodles.

Similarly, a new product launch can have images portraying the concept behind the new endeavor. You can celebrate the company’s birthday with visual surprises for your clients and customers.

Admiring a Montage of Your Work

Have you have picked a cluster of images but you’re in a fix as to selecting the most pertinent one to accompany your message? In this case, preparing a collage of high resolution pictures is the most suitable solution.

You can convey the different layers of a campaign through a photographic collage for image success.

Sharing Photos with the World

Connecting with your customer base is just a share button away. Social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and tools like Picasa enhance the reach of different products and services of your company through awesome photo sharing tools.

Create a platform where your customers can flaunt their photography skills and share images related to your business. These concepts go a long way in sowing the “you” seed in the minds of customers.

If this endeavor clicks, then they will start identifying your product with a necessity and not as an option.

Facebook Photos, a Perfect Branding Strategy

Photographs uploaded on Facebook, Google+, Digg and Tumblr weave wonders for your business. You will be amazed to see the high level of user engagement of major global brands across different social media platforms.

Some interesting Facebook trivia revealed that an image has greater potential in converting “Likes” into business more than links. The more photos, the more longevity of your brand.

Image is Mightier than Words

The logistics of a new service or product needs to be explained. Are you planning to burn the midnight oil in creating cerebral content? If so, just drop this idea and turn to visuals. If you are able to arrange pertinent images or illustrations in a simple and lucid manner, then you will surely get a thumping response from users.

Extend charts and illustrations to disseminate statistics based information to your users for image success. It becomes easy for them to understand the seemingly hard facts of your well toned business.

Visual Display of Your Grade

Testimonials carrying an image make a good impression, more so than slides. Similarly, a review of your product made by a user along with a photo can act as a great marketing tool for image success.

Once you have gathered a number of reviews and testimonials, you can share them on social media to seek a large following.

Show it with Words

Add variety to how your posts look by treating an image with typography. It is a fascinating art where a specific arrangement of words makes up a great image.

Say, you are trying to revive the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of your brand. You can simply invoke your creativity by using a popular image of your brand with beautifully carved words for image success.

Achievements: Say Cheese!

Show off proud moments to the world with pictures and captions. Award winning products, appraisals from clients and hitting the bull’s eye in the sales of a particular product can all be archived in pictorial albums and used as a strong branding tool.

New users will get a perfect picture of your accomplishments.

Zoom in on Your #1 Quality

Explaining the superior quality of your products through crystal clear visuals is always a good idea to attain image success. You cannot accomplish this with words. The perfect close up of a product with some brief text will help your users embrace it.

They are getting a detailed view of how the item actually looks so the message conveyed is extremely transparent.

Begin to apply the tips above and you will begin to experience image success on your favorite social media platforms.  After all, it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words – speak less and show more.

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William Johnson William Johnson belongs to the most creative field of digital media - web design. He is currently an Editor at Big Eye Deers and he is obsessed with the latest trends in ecommerce, SEO and social media analytics. He has been a regular contributor to leading online portals such as SEMrush, Small Business Trends and SocialMediaToday.

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  1. I manage advertising on LinkedIn and Facebook, where they let you include a small image with your ad and I can vouch for the importance of images. They can drastically affect CTR.

  2. Create a platform where your customers can flaunt their photography skills and share images related to your business. These concepts go a long way in sowing the “you” seed in the minds of customers.

    • William Johnson

      That’s again a fruitful idea. Images have better retention power than mere texts.

  3. Visual is more powerful than words, I agree. More and more people just want to sit back and see. Use of images and videos are now the key.

    • William Johnson

      Shalu, You are right. Images play a pivotal role in enhancing the marketing perspective of product and services.

  4. Both common sense and some excellent research support the claim that images are powerful content boosters but I can’t help but note that you didn’t use any.

    • William Johnson

      The fact that you have applauded the well researched post is evident from your feedback. Thanks for your suggestions. We would further bring in some fresh ideas to maximize visual opulence in business.

  5. There is no doubt that image is very important and has the power to attract more visitors in our site. Sad to say only few businessmen are fully taking advantage of it’s potentials.

    • William Johnson

      You are correct Barbara. Sometimes visuals are taken for granted. There are a few who actually pay good for images.

  6. William,
    Do you suggest any specific consumer brands that use images more effectively than the average on Facebook? If so, which ones? Thanks.

    • William Johnson

      Good question Ryan. Coca Cola, S.E.H Kelly, Coocci, Saught,Dimitris Theocharis,Lara Jade,Gavin O’neill are few of the brands that use image effectively.

  7. Great post! Agree that images gain more attention than text only.

  8. I have personally developed a web based reservation booking system specifically for the small mom & pop accommodations. I find your articles interesting and applicable to my niche. With your permission, I would like to reprint and redistribute your white papers and marketing tips including all citations and contact information. Please advise.

    Thank you

  9. William Johnson

    Hello Larry,

    Great to hear you. Thanks for your approach. Yes, please go ahead. Just ensure you give the link credit (as you mentioned about citations)to the posts you will use for reference.

    Best wishes for your “web based reservation booking system” project. Stay tuned !