How Mansa Systems Crossed $2M Leveraging Salesforce AppExchange


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In 2006, the concept of cloud computing was just beginning to gain ground. Siva Devaki saw the Cloud as a means to achieve his longtime dream of building a full-service IT company. He decided to leave his secure career working for large companies such as Oracle and VeriSign. Drawing upon his past experience with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications, Siva launched his venture that same year.

Initially, Siva focused his work on the Cloud computing niche. In this high growth market, Siva noted that Salesforce CRM was already quite strong, but lacked the same focus in other related areas. Here, Siva took advantage of AppExchange, a Salesforce-run marketplace of business applications.

Through AppExchange, partners can create specific apps to enhance Salesforce for businesses. Users can shop for available apps, search partners to develop a custom solution or list an app of their own. Siva quickly began work with Salesforce to build apps for enterprise and small and medium sized enterprise (SME) customers.

Today, San Francisco-based Mansa Systems is a provider of Cloud, mobile and social enterprise solutions. Mansa focuses on the creation of apps to fulfill the specific needs of both customers and developers. By leveraging partner solutions like Watchdox, SendGrid, Slideshare, Citrix, and Amazon AWS, each app is guaranteed to meet a certain proven user need.

In recent months, Mansa Systems has become an official Salesforce ISV partner. The company continues to work with Salesforce in the enterprise app space, creating, updating and launching through the platform. They have successfully launched several new apps at affordable price points.

Among the company’s releases are two apps built to deal with Salesforce’s data limitations. The Cloud Drop app expands file storage space and file size limits for teams, as well as enables folder hierarchies to better manage storage. Cloud Drop also provides service at the considerably lower price of 10 cents per GB, compared to $5 with Salesforce. MassMailer eliminates Salesforce email limitations for bulk and transactional emails. The app offers white label emailing for consistent branding.

Mansa offers additional apps to manage business data with Salesforce. Webinar2Lead saves time by automatically syncing all GoToWebinar data in order to align marketing efforts with sales for only $14.99 per month. Similarly, Slide2Lead offers auto sync for SlideShare leads, campaigns, documents and statistics, eliminating manual imports and exports.

A final recent release called 37 Seconds increases success with inbound leads by calling new leads as they are received. Calls can be made from any location and routed to a mobile or office line and are automatically recorded for ease tracking. This increased speed of response is a proven means to achieving sales, for only $4.99 a month.

Each app is priced according to its own specific attributes, using a set bracket for number of users or charging a percentage of the partner’s original price. As a general formula, service costs are either project-based or calculated according to time and materials spent – both varying from project to project.

In addition to their relationship with Salesforce, Mansa targets mid-size companies in the financial services and public sectors. Their current verticals include education, non-profits and health care and life sciences. Additional leads are generated via company apps in AppExchange and cross-selling current services.

Mansa provides the high-level services of a large IT firm as well as off-the-shelf apps as solutions. This dual specialization sets Mansa apart from competitors such as Appiro, Bluewolf and Astadia. Mansa continues to develop a personalized business by constructing integration templates or connectors for specific areas, which will provide new leads to specialized customers and projects. Through a global delivery framework, Mansa expands customer options by providing expertise on a worldwide scale.

Mansa already lists prominent enterprise-level names Paypal/eBay, Logitech and Topcon among their customers. Wholly self-funded, the company has already passed the $2 million revenue mark by marketing primarily to Salesforce customers through the AppExchange.

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