Minbox Touts Faster Uploads Than Dropbox in Cloud Storage

Minibox unlimited file upload at fast speed

If you are frustrated by slow file uploads to the cloud or find them slowing down your business, Minbox believes it has a solution that will have you saying it’s “freaking fast.”

Last week, Minbox.com was launched as a free app available for Mac devices. The new so-called “lightweight” service for your mobile devices allows you to upload files to your cloud on Minbox from your Mac.

At launch, Minbox claims to be #freakingfast and up to twice as fast at file uploads as its competitor, Dropbox, and any other cloud service.

“With all due respect to sync services like Dropbox, the industry needs a lightweight alternative for direct transfer. Minbox gets it done at groundbreaking speeds,” Minbox founder and CEO Alexander Mimran said last week.

Minbox will import your Contacts lists stored on your Mac or Google account. When sending files, the built-in contact list saves time.

Minbox offers unlimited file upload, i.e., there are no limits on the size of the file you’re uploading to the cloud or the number of files. However, for some there is a drawback:  files in the Minbox cloud are purged after 30 days.

Minbox in the beginning is targeting professionals who work with images and videos — such as photographers, videographers and designers — who need to send them to clients, co-workers  and partners for review or one-time download.  For them, speed is a real issue.  The app allows users to leaf through the uploaded files that are presented in a gallery optimized for viewing on mobile devices (pictured above). Minbox says it is geared to a “creative professional who sends large files on a daily basis.”

A “Pro” version of Minbox is expected to launch in the coming months. The Pro version will store files permanently.

Until the Pro version is launched, Minbox will be of limited value if you need permanent storage.

But creative professionals who need fast and unlimited file upload, and place files online only for a short time until they are picked up, will get value from the current version.  For everyone else it’s a solution to watch for the future.  The company’s website has more information.

Minbox, based in San Francisco, recently raised $800,000 in angel investment, reports The Next Web.

This piece was corrected from the original due to a misspelling of the company name during the editing process.

Image: Minbox


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  1. I use Backup That ( https://www.backupthat.com ) and it gives me unlimited, free cloud storage. It uploads fast and I can access it anywhere in the world. Plus, I can stream my music off it. Does Minbox offer that kind of service?

  2. Joshua,

    Thanks for the review. I am a Dropbox (and Box.com) user and will try the service.