Samsung Will Introduce a New 8 Inch Tablet in June

new samsung tablet

[Samsung 10″ Galaxy Tab 2]

Samsung is working on a new 8 inch tablet the company plans on launching in June.

Samsung already has two other tablets in its Galaxy Tab 2 budget series, one bigger and one smaller.

It’s easy to see how an 8 inch tablet would be more portable than the bigger 10.1 inch Samsung tablet (pictured above). The screen would also be bigger and easier to see than the smaller 7 inch Samsung tablet.

The Wall Street Journal reported on both the tablet and new water resistant and dust proof smartphone, but offered few details on either. Samsung is planning to launch the smartphone in July, the report said.

Of course, Samsung has stiff competition in the tablet market from Apple’s iPad, but for business and other users, how do these tablets compare?

Well, the new Samsung tablet would be smaller than the 9.7 inch iPad. And it’s closer in dimension to the iPad mini, which has a screen size of 7.9 inches.

For the cost conscious business owner, both the 10.1 inch and 7 inch Samsung tablets are already lower in price than either iPad, so probably the new device will be cheaper too.

The new water proof and dust proof smartphone would be just like the company’s popular Samsung Galaxy S4, but more rugged, The Journal reported.

Samsung is apparently targeting government and enterprise level corporate users with the new smartphone tentatively called the S4 Active.

But clearly, any business users looking for a durable smartphone to stand up to the wear, tear and potentially adverse weather conditions when traveling may want to take a look.


Shawn Hessinger Shawn Hessinger is the Executive Editor for Small Business Trends and a professional journalist with more than 20 years experience in traditional and digital media for trade publications and news sites. He is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and has served as a beat reporter, columnist, editorial writer, bureau chief and managing editor for the Berks Mont Newspapers.

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  1. Daniel Adetunji

    Hey Shawn,

    Cool post here. From this post, I guess this gadget is a must for busy online business owners who travel from time to time.

    Though, I don’t travel much, but, I’d try to plan my budget to get one for myself!


  2. It would be interesting to see which OS the 8-inch tablet will run on, and what specs it will have. The size alone won’t make it a better alternative than 7-inch and 10-inch tablets in the market.