Speak to Me: 4 Online Personalization Strategies for Your Business

online personalization

No matter what they’re shopping for or where the transaction takes place, customers like to feel as though the experience takes their preferences into consideration. This includes online shopping. In fact, conversion rates are typically higher when online personalization is involved.

So how can you create an individual experience for your website visitors that converts more of them into paying customers?

Fortunately, you don’t have to invest a ton of money in sophisticated platforms that track, analyze and respond to your visitors’ every click. There are simple and inexpensive ways to make your customers feel virtually welcome.

4 Online Personalization Strategies for Your Business

Ask Them What They Want

The best practice to find out what your customers really want is to conduct an online survey. Online surveys are everywhere these days, and most people are comfortable filling them out. You can create a survey that lets customers tell you about their preferences as part of your website’s registration process and then use that data to suggest product or service options that match up.

Here’s a quick hint: Keep the survey short. A questionnaire that goes on for pages and pages (or scrolls down forever) is going to lose interest. Many visitors will simply head for a search engine to find a less complicated sign-up process.

Give Them a Voice

As proven by the popularity of social media, people are more influenced by recommendations from peers and friends than by company-driven marketing material. They also have their own opinions they’d like to share with others.

If you don’t already have a system for customer reviews and opinions on your website, consider getting one. Consumer-driven reviews give your company a more personal touch. Include plenty of social sharing tools, so your customers can tell their friends about their great experiences with your business.

Now Featuring: You

Everyone loves a little time in the spotlight. When you showcase not just your products or services, but also your customers, you create a friendly atmosphere that shows there’s more to your business than pixels on a website. You can also stir up your visitors’ competitive spirit by offering a chance to be featured on your site.

Invite your customers to send in their stories, photos and even videos about their experiences with your company, and create a customer-centric area to show off the responses.

Let’s Keep in Touch

Never underestimate the power of the follow-up, especially when it’s personalized. Tracking your visitors’ activity on your website is great, but it’s even better when you contact those visitors and ask helpful questions, such as whether they were able to find what they needed, or if there’s anything else you can do for them.

You should also follow up with customers who have purchased products or services from you, and maintain the personal touch. If the customer had a good experience, don’t be shy about asking for referrals. Most people enjoy sharing positive finds.

It doesn’t take a lot of extra time or money to interact more personally with your online customers, and these changes will help you bring more business to your website.

More customers means the results can be exponential for your profit margins.

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  1. Great content! A lot of what is lacking in business these days is that personal touch. I believe any way we can show a more personal approach will really make a significant difference in the success of our business. Thanks for the helpful hints and reminders!

    • Thanks, Allan! I completely agree – personal attention is so important when building or strengthening a brand. Best to you!

  2. I think it is kind of an oxymoron to use online and personal in the same thought. If you want to be personal, a phone call, a handwritten note, a lunch invitation come to mind. With that said, their are good online tools that help to give off a personal touch.

    • Great point, Stephen. I agree – nothing compares to the power of “live” communications (voice or face-to-face)… but personalized online correspondence — when it’s done right — can run a close second when schedules just won’t cooperate.

  3. I totally agree, Megan! Treat your customers like you would your “Mother-in-Law” I always say. You wouldn’t go months without talking with your MIL or without asking her what she needs, would you? (and still expect a great relationship…!)

  4. Copi Valdivieiz

    Great article megan!

    If you make the customers as your king and make there voice reach and follow them in devising your marketing mix, then your limits goes to the sky. Personalized service is what is sought which make a difference in premium business class flights too. Aligning your marketing goals with those of voices of customer would make the marketing goal achievable.