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12+ Pinterest Apps and Tools for Pinning While Mobile

Pinterest is not just another copycat social networking site. It focuses on the age-old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Who has time to read a thousand words all the time, anyway?  Sometimes a picture is all we have mindshare for.  Pinterest allows you to collaborate and to stimulate your audience by sharing images and visually engaging them.

And today with the growth of smartphones and tablets, more of us are networking socially and consuming content via mobile devices.  Using some of the following Pinterest apps will only make your experience that much more profitable, and they all work on the go with mobile devices.

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12 Pinterest Apps for Mobile

If you want to post to Pinterest from your smartphone or tablet, you first need to download an app to your mobile device.

iPhone and iPad – The granddaddy Pinterest mobile app of them all is the Pinterest iPhone app [2].  There used to be a separate iPad app, but now it has been combined into a single iOS app that can also be used on the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch.

Android — If you have a device on an Android platform, you will need to download an Android app [3] in order for Pinterest to work.  Although you will not have the same functionality with the Pinterest Android app as you do with the iOS app, each allows  you to pin your pictures, which is the important part.

Pinterest Pin It Button [4] makes pinning easier and greatly improves the functionality of iPhone and Android apps. Just go to the goodies [4] page and drag it to your toolbar. (There are several apps for Pinterest all with this same or a similar name and different functionality, so follow the link to get this one.)

Just today Pinterest announced [5] that it had made its Pin It button available in a number of website-specific mobile apps.    Those apps include:  Behance, Brit+Co, Etsy [6], Fotopedia, Jetsetter, Modcloth, Snapguide, TED [7], The North Face, and Zulily.  You have to have switched to the “new” Pinterest look with it’s larger pins, to be able to see these pins.

Windows phones — There’s no official Pinterest app for Windows phones, but one third-party Pinterest app, Scrapbook for Pinterest [8], is available. It seems to function well, but has the disadvantage of carrying ads or requiring subscription fees. However, if you have a Windows Phone, this may be the only way to be mobile with your Pinterest page currently.  Scrapbook works with Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.5.

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PinHog for Pinterest lets you be mobile, but allows you to minimize extra data charges while you are browsing the Web for pins. Check it out in the Google Play store.  This unique Pinterest app allows you not only to browse while offline, but it also lets you schedule when you would like to pin items to your board.

PinReach is designed to let you know how well you are influencing others. It provides you with a “Klout” score to inform you about trends and let you know when your influence is waning, you know, before it is gone.

PinPuff [10] lets you track trends and analyze how your Pinterest account is doing. PinPuff also calculates the monetary value of your Pins and what kind of traffic they are generating for you.

Snapito [11] is for you if you prefer surfing the Web and taking screenshots for your Pinterest page. this app gives you a variety of easy ways to pin screenshots to your page, including a Pinterest Bookmarklet that lets you do this from your iPhone.

Wallo Pinterest allows you to use your mobile wallpaper to discover new images and travel destinations.  You can pin things from your Android Live wallpaper, on Android devices.

Reachli (formerly Pinerly) has a user-friendly dashboard interface. It keeps you updated on your pin schedule, helps you locate like-minded users, and unfollow groups.

Wisestamp [12], while not a Pinterest-specific app, lets you add a follow button for your Pinterest account to the bottom of your emails. It features your latest pins.

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Pin4Ever [14] lets you create a backup of your pins on your Android or any storage device by using the Pinterest backup app. They have a simple signup process shown in the screenshot above.

Finally, be sure to check out our Pinterest Start Guide for Small Businesses [15].  And if you already know how to use Pinterest, you might be interested in Pinterest analytics tools [16] to tell how much traffic is going to your site.