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61% of U.S. Voters Think Rich Entrepreneurs are Good for the Economy

mark zuckerberg seminar

You may sometimes wonder whether Americans hate the rich.  With all the TV air time given to tax increases vs tax cuts for the wealthy that politicians love to argue over, it would not be surprising to get that impression.

Entrepreneurs take their money and reinvest it into their companies, benefiting the whole economy.  They have often made their wealth creating jobs and prosperity (example: entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg, pictured above).

But one may wonder – does the average American understand this vital role?  Does the average American think rich —  including the very rich, as in billionaire rich — entrepreneurs are actually good for the economy?

Fortunately, it now appears that most Americans do “get it” as far as the relationship between jobs, a steadily growing economy and entrepreneurship. Sixty-one percent of likely U.S. voters [1] believe letting entrepreneurs get rich is good for the economy, said a recent national phone survey by Rasmussen Reports. Only 13 percent of those surveyed say they believe entrepreneurs getting rich is not good for the economy and actually hurts it.

Ten percent of those surveyed believe entrepreneurs becoming wealthy from their investments and efforts has no impact on the economy one way or the other. Another 18 percent of those surveyed say they are unsure what effect entrepreneurs or small business owners’ earnings have on the economy.

The report also found 49 percent of those surveyed felt it is “very fair” for successful businessmen to grow rich from their efforts.

The survey looked at 1,000 likely voters nationwide surveyed by phone between May 1 and 2, 2013. Among questions asked were [2], “How fair is it that people who build very successful companies become very rich?” And, “Does letting people who build successful companies and become rich help the economy, hurt the economy, or have no impact on the economy?”


Image: still from Facebook media video