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WordPress Dominates Top 100 Blogs

Wordpress dominates top 100 blogs

If your business website or blog is using WordPress as its content management system (CMS), you’re in good company. The majority of  the top 100 blogs are using WordPress, says a new study from Pingdom.

Fifty-two percent of the top 100 blogs are currently using WordPress, either hosted or self-hosted, according to an annual study conducted by Pingdom.com. Pingdom gets the top 100 list of blogs from Technorati.

The study notes that the Web and blogging sites, specifically, have changed considerably in the last few years. Pingdom says:

“For many of us, what we used to blog about we now publish to social networks. But there’s also no denying that blogging is not gone. It has, however, changed as has the tools used to publish blogs with. Some, like WordPress, started out as blogging platforms and has taken on more general content management functionality. Others have developed in the opposite direction.”

The 2013 study from Pingdom shows that 4 more of the top 100 are now using WordPress compared with last year. No other single CMS provider even comes close to matching WordPress’ dominance among the top Technorati blogs.

Interestingly, 12 of the top 100 have custom systems created specifically for them. Drupal is the second-most popular blog platform, with 7 of the 100 using it.

But some of the old stalwarts are no longer as popular as in years past, specifically Movable Type, Typepad and Blogger.

Two of the top five blog sites, including the most popular (The Huffington Post), are using Movable Type for their CMS system.

And while TypePad added two spots in the top 100 and and Google’s Blogger added one, they are still mere shadows of their former place in the lives of bloggers.

Not only is WordPress popular for blogs, but as the report points out, WordPress has taken on a much larger role as a general CMS system. It’s become very popular with small businesses that use WordPress to build their entire websites, not just their blogs. WordPress keeps a running counter of the number of WordPress sites, and reports the total is over 65 million worldwide.

Image: Pingdom.com

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Joshua Sophy Joshua Sophy is the Assistant Editor for Small Business Trends and the Head of Content Partnerships. A journalist with 20 years of experience in traditional and online media, Joshua got his start in the rough and tumble newspaper business of Pennsylvania's coal region. He is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and was a beat reporter covering daily news. He eventually founded his own local newspaper, the Pottsville Free Press, covering his hometown. Joshua supervises the day-to-day operations of Small Business Trends' busy editorial department including the editorial calendar and outgoing assignments.

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  1. This statistic doesn’t surprise me at all and I’m glad to see it on the rise! WordPress is a fantastic platform that is well-documented and continues to improve every day. It’s no wonder it is becoming so widely used- it’s highly adaptable from a blog, to a full CMS site to an e-commerce site. The flip side is that it’s also easy to figure out from a web administrator standpoint too. This is why I exclusively use WordPress for any of my client’s online presence needs.

    • With each new version of WordPress, its developers put more effort on simplicity and easy going user experience,unlike other CMS’s where tons of features gives you a confusingness how to use them properly without affecting clean intuitive approach.

  2. The number doesn’t surprise me, as WordPress has become so much more than just a blogging platform.

    Everyday WordPress gets better and better, although it’s not bad or anything but the guys over at WordPress keeps adding new features that helps users like you and me.

    Great post, Joshua.

  3. Martin Lindeskog

    Joshua Sophy: Thanks for sharing the news from the blogosphere. I am not surprised that WordPress is dominating the market, but I must say that it is room for several players, e.g., Squarespace and the new “successor” after Posterous, Post Haven.

    WordPress challenge is to get rid of the spammers and hackers of their platform, otherwise is could get a label as Squidoo has gotten as place for spammy material. That said, Squidoo is a great tool and resource for plenty of good stuff, but it is sad that a few bad apples have destroyed the image in a way, according to my view.

  4. It’s expected. I’m a web developer working in this field since 2009. I recently migrated from Joomla to WordPress because of the great features of wordpress. ordpress is just awesome…

  5. And very well deserved as well! It’s a great piece of software!

  6. This does not surprise me really, wordpress is the main blogging tool people know and it creates good blogs. It makes sense to me that so many people use it.

  7. I knew it, WordPress is the best blogging platform out there and with the introduction of custom post types, I am using it more as as CMS.

  8. I’m not surprised if such a fact, because wordpress does have many advantages compared to other platforms. In addition to wordpress, I also use another platform, but WordPress is more practical. Thank you wordpress

  9. This does not surprise me really, wordpress is the main blogging tool people know and it creates good blogs. It makes sense to me that so many people use it.

  10. Actually WordPress being plays a big role. It’s one the best platform. I’m telling this because I’m using it for my blog. Helping me a lot.

  11. its because word press use very beginner friendly that why that run 60 percent website on web. as now many new blogger join first they start with blogger then sift to WordPress. so i think WordPress is always lead in this game.

  12. As a developer, I can say WordPress deserves. Its easy to operate and everyone who has little or no knowledge of coding can use it alspo. Other cms are not as easy as wordpress.

  13. WordPress is the leading platform for beginner and expert to start blogging with less knowledge of coding. That`s why people recommend starting blogging from WordPress.

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    i am confuz because iam new blogger ..
    my blogger fast grow up for special tips
    plese help me

  15. my new website in blogger
    so help me

  16. im new blogger so no use wordpress and hosting

  17. best lyrics website for tamlate any help

  18. I knew it, WordPress is the best blogging platform out there and with the introduction of custom post types, I am using it more as as CMS.

  19. Noce And Absolutely Good Content.

  20. Yes, you are right. I also think that most of the bloggers are use WordPress…

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