10 Tips for Women Entrepreneurs to Stay on Track

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After women joined the employed, they had two choices – to stay at home and manage their families or to become part of the workforce and manage their jobs. Things have undergone a significant change and nowadays, women are increasingly choosing the third path – staying at home and managing their work independently.

Women entrepreneurs – the concept is nothing new. Eliza Lucas Pinckney, the first woman to be inducted into South Carolina’s Business Hall of Fame, took over the management of her father’s plantations as early as 1739, where she developed indigo as one of its most important cash crops. And today, there are a dearth of women led businesses.

What prompts a woman to take up the challenge of becoming a successful entrepreneur? The main reason is the flexibility that being your own boss offers. Below I have shared a few tips for today’s women entrepreneurs.

10 Tips for Women Entrepreneurs to Stay on Track

Take Up Something You Have a Passion For

Even the best idea cannot translate into a successful business if you are not passionate about it. You need to focus on the area of work you love as only then will you put in the required effort to build a business based on it. If you do not have an interest in designer wear, it is a bad idea to start a haute couture business.

Trust Your Instincts

Facts and stats may help you prepare the groundwork. But they may not work at every step. It is a good idea to rely on your instincts at times and many successful entrepreneurs, male and female, can vouch for this. This does not mean that you ignore all of the feedback you receive. Remain open-minded to positive opinions as well as the negative ones.

Prepare a Business Plan

A sailor is lost without a map. Similarly, an entrepreneur is lost without a business plan. If you do not have a business plan yet, it is high time to create one. It will set the steps you need to follow to succeed. It will also convince investors that you are serious about your endeavor.

Hoard the Cash

Life is not a bed of roses and neither is business. Keep in mind, there will be ups and downs from day one. It is important to accumulate as much cash as possible before you take the first step. You will need it to keep you and your business afloat for a while once you enter the world of the self-employed.

Learn as Much as Possible About Finances

It is always best to hire an accountant to work with you when you first start a business, man or woman. It is also important to learn about taxes and related matters to ensure that they do not become a problem for you later on down the line.

Know Your Target Customers

Who do you target to sell to? For example, if you are into haute couture, you need to focus on the modern day fashion conscious female. Create contacts and conduct surveys to know all that you need to know about your customers. This will help you learn to address their needs/wants and provide suitable products/services.

Build Relationships with Outsourcing Partners

For a majority of new entrepreneurs, it may be best to outsource the tasks that take up too much time and effort and yet, are not related to your core business area. Keep in mind that the providers are your partners; they work with you, not for you.

Set Realistic Goals

If you think that you are going to earn profits within a week of starting a business, you are not on track. Many times, new businesses take months or even years to get back the cash originally invested. Take one step at a time and set achievable goals. Nothing beats hard work.

Be Helpful

The best and easiest way to get help from others is to help them first. A business is as much about value creation as it is about profits. Contribute in any way you can. Introduce people to each other, create write-ups, suggest important events and do everything to extend help.

Most Importantly – Believe in Yourself

There is no secret to success for the self-employed. The only thing that works is a good combination of planning and hard work. Whatever you do, don’t give up. A business can experience highs and lows. Just don’t let them discourage you into quitting.

A woman has the best chances of success as an entrepreneur if she knows how to create the right balance. It is necessary to plan well and involve people who will be honest and supportive throughout the ups and downs of your new business.

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Richard White Richard White works as an editor at Yellow Brick Path. He enjoys varying his work and researching new and different approaches. He shares an interest in career counseling and recruitment.

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  1. Richard,

    Some valuable tips you have here. I just want to add that, personally, I prefer dealing with women entrepreneurs. I view them as more prudent entrepreneurs than men 🙂

    • Thanks Ivan! That compliment’s sure to be appreciated by the women entrepreneurs.

      • Great article Richard!

        I will be adding this to a meeting I have next week at our Women’s Business Center 🙂 It should spark a great discussion.



  2. This is a great inspiration for all women looking to dive into their entrepreneurial ventures. I have been reading a lot about women in the business world lately and I can’t wait to see what other amazing women are rising to the top. I know women definitely take over at my work 🙂

    • Thanks M D!

      I hope it would help women entrepreneurs stay focused on their goals.

  3. Hi Lexi,

    It’s great to hear that the article’s of any help to you. Let me know how others responded to it once you have taken it up at the meeting.


  4. What an inspirational article. They say that women rule the world and with articles such as this, it makes this statement even more believable.

    I totally agree that if you’re going to be a successful female entrepreneur believing in yourself and having the right balance are both crucial factors.

    Great article – thank you!

    • Thanks Jasmine! It was great to hear that the article inspired you. Self-confidence and perception of the right balance can ensure that a female entrepreneur achieves success.


  5. Richard,

    I will let you know! We are always looking for efficient ways to explain how to streamline the start-up/expansion process.

    Thanks so much!

  6. My wife is hoping to start her own business this summer and I am so excited to share this information with her. The point that you shared that stuck out most to me was to know your target customers. I have little experience with business so I will be sure to impart all of the profound guidance that you provided me with today to my lovely wife!