Yahoo Mail Classic Users Forced to Update, Accept Content Scans

yahoo mail classic

Yahoo Mail Classic users who’ve been clinging to the Classic interface now need to conform to a recent update in order to access their email.

Yahoo Mail’s Help Center informed users of the Classic or non-updated interface Sunday that they would need to update their mail platform to a new version introduced late last year as of the beginning of this week. Along with adopting the new interface, Mail users will also have to agree to the site’s new Communications Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Those who are worried about Yahoo scanning their emails are not going to be pleased with the new policy. Yahoo is suggesting users not happy with the policy either transfer their e-mail elsewhere or simply close their accounts. The new policy allows Yahoo to scan email content so it can generate ads specifically geared to the user.

According to, Yahoo has only made mention of the new usage terms and privacy policy through the Help site and in emails sent to users.

“This includes the acceptance of automated content scanning and analyzing of your communications content, which Yahoo! uses to deliver product features, relevant advertising and abuse protection,” the site states on the Help page.

Users can opt out of the ads generated via the content scans, but Yahoo will still be scanning email content.

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  1. Shawn Hessinger

    Interesting post, Josh. When I read this, I took a look at a few of the Yahoo e-mail accounts I’ve kept through the years. I realized even the oldest of them had already been updated, so I can’t even quite remember what one of these old Classic Yahoo accounts looks like. 🙂

  2. Fantastic.

    Thanks for the info.

    here’s the deal: I NEVER open emails from email providers telling me that I have to upgrade. That’s because they are usually viruses!

    I guess that i’ll have to check, now.

    Thanks again!

    The Franchise King®

  3. Screw Yahoo and it’s imperialistic demands.

  4. I am somehow used to the features of new yahoo mail, I know those updates are for the good of the account to be more secured and be easier to navigate. At this moment, I use both Google Mail and Yahoo Mail.

  5. As a user for many years I am very unhappy with these updates. They have made iPhone nearly unusable for my yahoo pages and mail, everything is forced into mobile modes now. Very very clumsy and limited. Time wasting. Nothing good about it. The strange thi g is that I no longer have a choice, sluggish and inconvinient mobile view, take it or leave it. Well I will leave AT&T/ yahoo after 15 years. Yes it’s inconvineced me that much. I use my phone for everything, now you are making me jump through hoops lookin for a better browser or you are making me wait for mobile view to reload again and again to see it it has all my RSS feeds ….

  6. By By Yahoo. After about 20 years you don’t care , neither do I !