Starbucks Sees 10 Percent Increase in U.S. Mobile Sales

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If you’re thinking about enabling mobile payments for your business, Starbucks is leading the way. The coffee seller and cafe chain says 10 percent of sales at U.S. locations were made from a mobile device last quarter, TechCrunch reports.

The jump in mobile sales not only shows a changing preference among Starbucks’ customers. It also helped spur one of the coffee giant’s most successful quarters and the best third quarter in Starbucks’ 42 year history, the company said.

Ahead of the Trend

Mobile may not be your customer’s preferred method of payment now, but that’s likely to change in the near future. In a report issued by Forrester early this year, analyst Denée Carrington projected mobile payments will increase dramatically over the next five years.

Carrington predicts mobile payments will balloon to $90 billion by 2017, up from $12.8 billion spent in 2012.

More Mobile Options, More Customers

Meanwhile, Starbucks isn’t stopping with mobile payments in its efforts to connect with a growing customer base of smartphone users.

The cafe chain is partnering with Powermat in a project that will allow you to recharge your smartphone while sipping that latte or nursing that Marble Mocha Macchiato at your favorite Starbucks location.

Following a test run at 17 Boston locations, Starbucks is now rolling out the new service at select Silicon Valley locations. Customers can simply drop their smartphones onto a wireless charging spot and power up, Engadget reports.

How can your small business start targeting mobile users more effectively?

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  1. That’s an impressive stat! I bet more chains start accepting this payment form before long.

  2. Definitely, Bethaney. This is a staggering number. 10% of all Starbucks sales is a crazy amount!

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