Briggo Will Change Your Morning Coffee

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You can cancel the ritual run to the coffee shop for everyone in the office. Forget about that intern screwing up an entire pot of coffee, too. Ok, maybe not just yet.

Briggo Inc. may have the perfect solution for your office coffee needs, though. The company’s robotic Coffee Haus machine actually aims to make the perfect cup of coffee every time … and you can order a cup from your smartphone.

Each “intelligent” Coffee Haus is split into a brewed coffee station and an espresso machine. The coffee is not made by a human barrista. Instead, Briggo’s robotics technology automates the whole process from order to finished cup. The robotic barrista takes less than 30 seconds to make a cup of brewed coffee after an order is placed and up to two minutes to create what Briggo calls a perfect espresso drink.

The robotic technology is designed to mimic the motions a barrista would use making you an espresso at a nearby cafe. Each order is ground and tamped individually.

Download a smartphone app from Briggo, and you’ll be able to place your order right from your phone. The app even remembers what drinks are your favorites and you can modify the order at any time, like changing a syrup flavor or some other special request.

The Briggo robot barista was recently introduced full-time at the University of Texas-Austin. reports more of the machines will be placed at hospitals, university and corporate campuses soon. The new technology seems like a great business model. It could also be a great alternative for morning coffee in your office coming soon.


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  1. This goes to show that coffee is more than just a beverage. It is now part of a certain lifestyle. There is a group of people or so-called followers that cannot live without it. Although I like the idea of a robotic coffee server that makes the perfect coffee every single time, I am still wondering how this is different from all the coffee devices and shops that claim the same thing.