4 Key Components For Social Media Marketing Success

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You want your business to be successful, right? Of course you do. In that case, you need to make sure you have an amazing social media campaign. Do you know what components for social media you need to make your social media marketing campaign reign?

Key Components For Social Media Success

Social Media Accounts

One of the biggest components for social media success is the accounts themselves. And you need a variety of them. You’re not going to have tons of success if you only have a Facebook page. A Twitter account is great, but remember, it only allows you 140 characters per post. When you have a variety of accounts, you reach more people and are able to work in different mediums.

The Perfect Audience

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Let’s face it – if you don’t have an audience, you might as well go home. There’s no point in even putting the work in if no one is interested in your product or service. Luckily, there is always someone who is going to be interested. You just need to find them.

When looking for the perfect audience on your social media accounts, you need to make sure that you are billing yourself correctly. If you are a business that thrives on a local audience, make sure that you are marketing toward your city. Getting the right audience will help ensure your success. You can have a huge audience and still fail if they are an audience of the wrong people.

Creating Your Content

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Social media is all about being social. If you never make posts, there’s no point in having the accounts. You need to make sure that you’re constantly creating content for your accounts. The content you create should be interesting, informative and awesome. No one wants to read boring updates. You also need to remember that no one is going to follow you if all of your content is about your sales or your business.

Make sure that your content is actually something that your followers are going to enjoy. Offer different types of content. Link to interesting articles or other posts you find around the Web. Share jokes or quotes. Don’t be afraid to talk about your sales or offer information about your business. Just don’t make it the only thing you talk about.

Stay Current and Relevant

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One of the biggest components of social media success in the marketing world is staying relevant. You need to make sure that you are current. Depending on your market, this could mean that you are updating on a daily basis or even more frequently. Other markets may only require updates once a week or so. Either way ensures you don’t fall by the wayside because you aren’t keeping your pages fresh. The longer you let your social media accounts go without new content, the further behind you fall.

Keep your head up. Even though social media marketing takes work, it can be a lot of fun. Get your business out there to the right audience, and you’ll have some amazing interactions with your customers.

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Timothy Carter Industry veteran Timothy Carter is the Chief Revenue Officer for SEO.co. Tim leads all revenue for the company and oversees all customer-facing teams including sales, marketing & customer success.

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  1. Finding like-minded people in social networks is not that tough anymore. My suggestion would be to join such groups which relates to your business or niche and try to be a reputed member there. You need to share informative content in those groups so you can draw people’s attention towards your shared content.

    Once they start liking your activities they would surely follow you and even join your own group if there is one. This way you can drag people from one place to the other. The process might sound time consuming, but the benefit is long term.

  2. Publish what your customer needs. Publish testimonials and others. Don’t just stick to plugging products and services. Yes. You can plug products with discounts but stick to things that don’t ask for a sale. Answer questions and engage.

  3. I generally agree with the 4 components, expect the idea that you must be on several networks. Many times business find themselves getting into trouble by over spreading themselves and not understanding the difference between the networks. In many cases, focusing on the right network and building a strong, loyal audience can be more beneficial than spreading yourself out too thin.

    Here’s an article that talks about this idea of using only 1 or 2 articles: http://socialbrothers.net/2013/03/19/your-small-business-needs-to-stop-using-social-media/

  4. Tim – How about interactivity with other members in the social media. Establishing an account and posting interesting content will only get you so far. The true value of social network is from having a dialog with other like minded users.