Google Plus Local App for iOS Being Retired

google plus local appAs of Aug. 7, the Google Plus Local App for iOS will be no more. The app allowed iPhone users do things like:

  • check what their Google Plus connections had to say about local businesses or places around the world,
  • give reviews of the businesses they had patronized and the places they had been,
  • share information on local places and businesses they found online,
  • easily access lots of local information online where available, and
  • perform searches by category for local businesses like restaurants and cafes.

If all this sounds pretty important to your local marketing, that’s because it is. Google announced this week that it is retiring the Google Plus Local iOS app.

Fortunately, these features aren’t going away completely. They’ve just been folded into users’ Google Plus profiles on the Web and into a Google Maps app available for iOS.

The news was shared in an email from the Google Maps team published at 9 to 5 Mac. It’s a good reminder to share with customers who may be iPhone users that there are new places to share and find information about your business.

Image: iTunes

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  1. Oh I thought it was not doing well that’s why they pulled it. But I think it is a nice idea to just fuse it with the maps app. It will make it easier to track local businesses and it is a nice addition to a simple maps-oriented application

  2. Ahh I see, thanks for sharing this. Makes sense to integrate into maps.

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