Microsoft Will Change the Name of SkyDrive

microsoft skydrive name

If you’re a regular user of Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage, you may notice a name change to the service soon.

Microsoft will be forced to change the name after settling a trademark case with UK television broadcaster BSkyB.

Confusion Over Cloud Storage Service

Though Microsoft’s service offers cloud storage and BSkyB is a satellite broadcaster, telephone company and broadband service provider, the use of the word “sky” by both companies is causing customers in the UK some hassle.

BSkyB had apparently offered cloud storage until 2011 and still offers broadband and video streaming products. The BBC reports a judge found customers having trouble with Microsoft’s cloud storage product were actually calling BSkyB’s helpline.

No Challenge From Microsoft

Though Microsoft originally planned to appeal the decision, it has now decided to simply re-brand its cloud storage worldwide.

There may be deeper business reasons behind this change of heart. The BBC reports users of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 game console in the UK can already access BSkyB channels through the device. A closer tigh-in may be planned for the XBox One due out later this year.

The Verge reports it isn’t the first time in recent weeks Microsoft has faced a re-branding issue. The company announced it is changing the “Metro” name it has been using for Windows 8 user interface and applications. The change is the result of an unconfirmed complaint from German retailing giant Metro AG.

There is no word yet on what the new name for SkyDrive will be, but Microsoft has apparently been granted some time to make a smooth transition.

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  1. I can see why BSkyB would have a problem with Microsoft over that name. What I don’t understand is how Microsoft thought it wouldn’t be a problem, especially with a large entity such as BSkyB.

  2. This is the second time Microsoft is forced to change a brand name for ceasing it in recent times. Though there has been a settlement but BSkyB has confirmed that they will allow Microsoft to use the name for a certain period of time after which the company has to think of a new brand name and use it.

  3. It’s funny how two people can relate the word “sky” to “drive” when they think of cloud storage. Oh yeah, clouds are found in the sky so that must be it. But then again, you’ll have to face some branding concerns when both of you have the same name.

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