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Traveling for business today is a bit different than it used to be. In addition to making sure you have all your power supplies for laptop, tablet, cell phone, you need to make sure you can get connected to the Internet. That is not always easy, or affordable, but if you travel a lot (or even a little), this review of the Globalgig mobile Wifi hotspot is for you.

This little mobile WiFi hotspot is a gem.

As most readers know, I test a fair number of devices. So at any one point in time, I probably have four cell phones in my shop. I can tell you that in my travels even I get stuck with no cell phone signal, unable to make a call. But I have used this Globalgig mobile WiFi hotspot to connect my laptop or Nexus 10 tablet and fire off an email or hook into Google Voice and send a text message.

It has worked when all other devices failed. Now, connectivity by cell phone and wireless devices in one place is never the same, but I have been impressed with this handheld gadget.

On a 12-month contract, you can get up to 1 gigabyte of data for $30/month. The device is free when you commit to that plan. If you want the device for only 30 days, for example, if  you are heading to Europe for a two week vacation, you can buy the device for $79 and the plan is $60. You can play with their plan calculator to work out what’s best for you.

Without evaluating various wireless carriers, I am pretty sure you can’t touch the rates, in all the different countries, that Globalgig offers. $30/month and it works in 40 countries, for that same price. You can connect up to 5 devices at one time. It is a 3G signal, which is pretty fast.

The company sent me a media loaner and I have appreciated it immensely. Depending on my upcoming travel schedule, I may just sign up for the paid option.

What I Really Like:

  • Small – As you see in the photo, it fits in my hand. It is small enough not to take up much space, but big enough that I won’t lose it.
  • Battery life – On standby, it lasts for days, but fully on I think I had at least three to four hours of intense downloading and uploading on one charge.
  • You can get a SIM-only version – Plug it into your iPad or Android tablet. Unfortunately for US users, the SIM is not available here yet, it’s only in the UK.

What I’d Like to See:

  • I have a model that may be one generation old and it sometimes won’t turn off without repeated efforts. Having a lot of hardware pass through my hands, this sort of thing happens so if it was my unit, I would have returned it for a new unit.
  • Online access to how much data has been used for the month. Since the device doesn’t have any sort of display, you don’t know. The website says this is coming soon.

Overall, if you travel a lot or need a mobile WiFi hotspot so you are not stuck paying extra fees at hotels, airports or cafes, then this mobile broadband device is for you. I would encourage anyone who wants affordable and secure wireless access at a low cost to try Globalgig.

Yes, it is one more device you have to account for. But I have found it worthwhile and when compared to my other data plan options, the price is right.


TJ McCue TJ McCue served as Technology/Product Review Editor for Small Business Trends for many years and now contributes on 3D technologies. He is currently traveling the USA on the 3DRV roadtrip and writes at the Refine Digital blog.

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  1. 1 GB of data for $30/month and you can use it in 40 countries? Pretty impressive I’d say.

  2. Pretty cool. TJ.

    Perfect for the world traveler, for sure.

    But, how secure is it? Should users be nervous?

    The Franchise King®

  3. 40 countries? So not even all of Europe, let alone Asia, Africa, South America? That’s Global ? There are definitely bigger and better options around, there is at least one vendor who does the whole mobile-networked world at around 50 euro’s per GB/month with just one HSUPA/LTE mifi or sim-only if you have your own device. And hosts this on the major, not the second rate carriers in each country. Bear in mind that speed is only one thing when you are travelling, coverage is the most important aspect. I would be pleased to be more specific, but this not my space 🙂

    Phillip Actor, ADRN (Affordable Data Roaming Nestor; all my idea)

  4. You can already do this with some Android phones. It is just a matter of activating your phone as a portable hotspot and you can already use it for Laptop Internet (provided that you paid for your phone Internet). Although I think this is still pretty valuable to all those folks who need to have instant Internet anywhere.

  5. Using global roaming rates of other countries for a 2 week holiday in Europe could set you back by a cost of a car! It is exorbitant and I remember paying hundreds of dollars just for a few minutes of phone call back home from a trip to China.

    1 gigabyte of data for $30/month? This little mobile WiFi hotspot is a gem!

  6. I use Global gig, and I am one of their more loyal customers paying for their £99 per month for 12 months. As a customer of theirs, I can verify that it is very very easy to go over the allocated usage, because their emails don’t come out regularly enough and they say they try to cap it at an overage charge of £50. This month I got the sting at £178 over the £99 I am already paying. Consider very carefully if you are wealthy enough to risk going over if your computer or piece of software does an automatic update without your knowledge. For the wealthy it is a great opportunity to have internet where ever you go int he world. I would not recommend it to anyone who needs to watch business spends.