Tawki Develops One-Click Video Production

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Small business owners realize the value of online video in marketing these days. The rise of Vine and Video on Instagram demonstrate video’s role in social media too.

But some entrepreneurs just can’t make time to create their own video on a daily basis no matter how important. That’s where Tawki comes in.

Fundraising Launched for Tawki Development

Developers expect Tawki to function as both a video production tool and a social media platform when completed. The Tawki team includes members with backgrounds in video production, Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing and site development. And developers thought specifically about small business users at every step in the process.

The group launched a campaign on fundraising platform IndieGogo yesterday in hopes of generating at least $100,000 to complete phase two of the site’s development.

Contributors could receive a range of rewards depending on the sizes of their donations. These rewards could include, in some cases, the option to become a beta tester or to give input on the product.

Video Production and Video Sharing

The first innovation the new platform will offer is what the development team calls one-click video production. With the entry of a keyword, Tawki will create very simple video with still photos, short video clips and background music fitting that keyword or phrase.

“It’s kind of like stock photography, but in video form,” said co-founder David Leonhardt.

However, Leonhardt said the video production tools would also allow some customization.

The system will allow users to upload their own photos or video clips, enter text, choose their own music, and add voice-overs. Beyond the basics, Tawki will also offer some custom animation options. See a sample of the kind of animation it will create below.

And that’s not all. Tawki will also help you easily share the videos you’ve created on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. Developers say the Tawki platform will also function as a social media site. So this will allow you to share your new videos with others quickly and easily on Tawki too.


Annie Pilon Annie Pilon is a Senior Staff Writer for Small Business Trends, covering entrepreneur profiles, interviews, feature stories, community news and in-depth, expert-based guides. When she’s not writing she can be found exploring all that her home state of Michigan has to offer.

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  1. Annie, great post – thanks for sharing the Tawki Story – David and I are most gratified by the level of interest we see in DIY Video production at this early juncture.

    Best, Ron Callari
    Tawki Co-Founder

    • Congratulations, Ron! I was delighted to see your name as co-founder, knowing you from social media channels.

      – Anita

  2. Tawki sounds impressive at this DIY video production early juncture. The ability to customize your video like adding pictures, sounds, animation, etc makes it a great social marketing tool for small business owners.

  3. Yes. Customization is required in video production. But I do like the idea of one-click production. Some video websites are just way too complicated to operate. Someday we’ll have a video production website or software that can serve all our video production needs.

  4. Ron,
    I can’t wait to see the platform. I think there are a lot of people interested in enhancing their Web presence with video out there. But they find either the time or the process required to make traditional video intimidating. So I suspect this might appeal to a pretty sizable niche. I think we’ll all be eager to follow along.

  5. Great post. Is this out yet? Would love to start hammering away at it to see if it’s going to meet my needs. Thanks for the great overview.