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Using Vine Videos to Beef Up Your Written Content

Twitter’s video service, Vine, has been making waves lately as a new platform that businesses can use to make an impression on their target audience. And while Vine certainly works to any business’s advantage on its own, it can also be used to enhance your written content as part of a larger campaign, or through linking and embedding Vine videos in your text.

Let’s take a look at a few ways that small businesses can use Vine videos to add some zip to their written content.

Using Vine Videos for Small Business Marketing

Show Off What You’ve Got

Big businesses like Taco Bell have been using Vine to showcase new products, but thanks to Vine’s 6-second limit, you don’t need a huge budget to produce a mini commercial or demonstration of your product or service.

So, for example, you could use Vine videos to supplement a description with a view of the real thing, in action.

Interact With Fans

Sure, you could tweet back and forth, but there’s something extra personal about interacting with brand fans and customers through video.

You could respond to customer feedback via a Vine video, you could work it into a larger content strategy like Honda recently did in its call and response ad campaign [2] or you can simply say “thank you” as Vine has done below.

Boost Your Transparency

Blogging about the day to day functioning of your business, or talking about a special event? Shoot a quick Vine video to give an inside look [4] to your followers.

Going behind the scenes through writing is one thing, but a quick Vine video can really bring your business to life and show people exactly who you are and what you do.

Garner User-Created Content

I think that encouraging followers to submit their own content is one of the most dynamic ways to engage with people, and the best part is that it takes little to no effort for you.

You could run a contest with prizes for users submitting the best Vine videos like Urban Outfitters recently did, or simply use Vine as a fun way to get feedback.

Share Information

You can show that you’re a thought leader without long-form posts and lengthy tutorials. In 6 seconds, you can share interesting and informative details about your field, about your product or service, or about anything else that your potential (and loyal) customers might find useful. Even the San Francisco Zoo has started using Vine to share information [7].

And while you might not have any tigers on staff, I’m sure you can come up with something almost as interesting to share.