Google Knocks $100 Off Nexus 4

google nexus 4

If your business is looking for an affordable smartphone, it may soon be time to buy. Google has discounted its Google Nexus 4 Android smartphone. The price drop was announced last week on the Google Play Twitter feed.


Google is essentially taking $100 off the already inexpensive smartphone, making the 8GB model $199 and the 16GB $249. Unfortunately, the discount seems to have temporarily depleted inventory of the phone at the Google Play store. A notice Monday morning encouraged disappointed bargain shoppers to check back soon.

The markdown may be a sign that a new release from Google is on the way. It may also be a response to a rumored budget iPhone from Apple that could be announced as early as next week.

More About the Google Nexus 4

At first glance the Google Nexus 4 is already a highly attractive phone for the money. The device has a glass front and back and 4.7-inch screen with 1280 by 768 resolution. It also features an 8 megapixel camera on the back and a 1.3 megapixel camera on the front.

Downsides, according to a review by Joshua Topolsky of  The Verge below, include lack of 4G LTE which makes for significantly slower data download in most cases. The lack of this feature means the phone is really not competitive with, say, the iPhone 5.

(Of course, you’ll want to disregard the prices quoted for the phone in the video since they’re much lower now with the discount.)

Also the glass front and back are easy to break, if you drop the phone.

However, the cameras and other features seem good and the phone is also available unlocked so you can use it with almost any carrier.


Joshua Sophy Joshua Sophy is the Editor for Small Business Trends and the Head of Content Partnerships. A journalist with 20 years of experience in traditional and online media, he is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists. He founded his own local newspaper, the Pottsville Free Press, covering his hometown.

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  1. Lack of 4G can be a pretty big deal and it really depends what you use your phone for. I’m tempted to wait and see what’s next from other mobile manufacturers in the near future before bargain hunting. Remember, better and better functionality will continue to be available at lower and lower costs.

  2. I’ve had an iPhone for years now but have been curious about Android. A drop in price like this may be enough to send me over tothe other side. 🙂 I’m familiar with the operating system at least. I have a “Nook to Android” card for my Nook.

  3. I agree that back in the days the iPhone is definitely better than Android but today, I think the updates have really worked and it is just a matter of preference. The price drop is obviously effective or they will not lose inventory.

  4. One aspect about the price cut – it may be a response to the Samsung Note 3. I picked up a Note 2 that was discounted by $100 because of the Note 3 arriving. So Google may feel that they need to compete against another phone that has the 4G. I agree with Shawn – it can be problematic given the new phones rolling out now.

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