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How to Get Followers and Sales With Your LinkedIn Company Page

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According to Lana Khavinson of LinkedIn:

50% of LinkedIn members are more likely to purchase from a company they engage with on LinkedIn.

That’s powerful, and a great reason to create a LinkedIn Company Page [1] and promote it. Here are some other benefits of LinkedIn company pages:

Status Updates

Company Pages offer the ability to post status updates that will be read by your followers. Posting a status update at least a couple of times a week (when most folks are on LinkedIn) is a good strategy.

Your company page status updates can include awards that you’ve won, interviews with employees, new product and service announcements, employment updates, events, tips, company information and more. You can link to your blog posts and videos as well.

If you’re looking for the highest engagement with followers, according to LinkedIn, the company page updates that generate the best response are:

How to Get More LinkedIn Followers

Just like other social networks, the more people that follow you, the more likely that you will receive sales inquiries and interest.

One way to get more followers is to add a button to your Website, blog and other social media networks. Instructions are below:

Additional ways to get company page followers include:

LinkedIn Analytics

It’s a good idea to track the results of your efforts using LinkedIn company pages. With the July, 2013 addition of LinkedIn company page analytics, you’ll now be able to:

Using the analytics available will help you determine which actions offer the best response, as well as understanding more about your follower base.

As stated earlier, “50% of LinkedIn members are more likely to purchase from a company they engage with on LinkedIn.” By increasing your engagement with LinkedIn company page followers, you’ll increase the likelihood of purchase.

Followers [2] Photo via Shutterstock