Windows 8.1 $119 for Those Without Windows 8

microsoft windows 8.1

For businesses and other users already running Windows 8, an update to the new Microsoft Windows 8.1 coming Oct. 18 will be easy. The new Windows version will be available free as a simple download from the Windows Store.

But for users with even older versions, say, Windows 7 or even Windows XP or Windows Vista, installation of the new software is also possible. Microsoft announced pricing for the new software in a recent post on the official Windows Blog.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 and 8.1 Pro Available

Microsoft will make Windows 8.1 available for sale from the Windows Store and as a retail DVD. The new software will cost $119.99 for users without Windows 8, wrote Brandon LeBlanc, Senior Marketing Communications Manager for Microsoft, in the recent post.

Though the software is not recommended or designed for devices running Windows XP or Windows Vista, Microsoft says it can be installed using the DVD version. However, files, settings and programs will need to be backed up and reinstalled after installing Windows 8.1.

An enhanced Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro version will also be available for $199.99. Businesses and other users buying a Microsoft Windows 8.1 device later this year will be able to add Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro for $99.99.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 will also be available through volume licenses for larger businesses with additional security and other features.

What Windows 8.1 Offers

For business and individual users, Windows 8.1 offers:

  • Enhanced search capabilities built into the software and powered by Microsoft search engine Bing,
  • An improved Windows Store application and
  • A more integrated SkyDrive app for cloud storage options.

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  1. I’ve got Windows 8 on my work desktop and I’ve been pleased with it’s performance. Interested to see how 8.1 works out.

  2. So does this mean this is free for people who already have Windows 8? I have to admit. $119 is not that cheap. But knowing the performance of Windows (which can last years), I think that this is a pretty good deal.

  3. Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro for $99.99 is comparatively more affordable than its earlier predecessors. Interested to see its new features.

  4. I haven’t yet been able to experience windows 8, is it as good as they say or is it just a lot of changes for the sake of change?