New Samsung “Phablet” Set for Debut

new samsung galaxy note 3

[Samsung Galaxy Note 2]

If you can’t decide between the large screen features of a tablet and communications functionality of a smartphone for your business, there is an answer for you.

Devices larger than the average smartphone but with the ability to make regular calls like any other phone are called “phablets” by the media and in tech circles. But what is important is what these devices offer you.

Introducing the New Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The latest of these devices is the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 scheduled to be announced tomorrow at Samsung’s “Unpacked” event in Berlin.

Little detail is available about the new device said to feature a 5.68 inch screen and be only about 2.2 mm thick.

Images of the device’s display assembly leaked recently on ETrade Supply, a consumer electronics ecommerce site, have been bouncing around the Web. Another tech leak site has also released similar images.

CNET speculates a 13 megapixel camera might be among the device’s features. There’s also anticipation of a choice of 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB of storage.

The cost of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 device has not yet been released. But pricing for the 16 GB version of the device’s predecessor, the Galaxy Note 2, are currently priced around $500 on Amazon without contract from a mobile carrier.

Also expected to be announced at tomorrow’s event is the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. See a review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the predecessor of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, below.

Image: Samsung


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  1. Very excited about the upcoming announcement which will include introduction of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. I think the Note 3 in particular is going to be a useful tool to some mobile entrepreneurs. I’m hoping we will be having some further coverage once the announcement occurs too. Stay tuned!

  2. They just keep adding new numbers eh? But I have to commend them for their new Note series. They are surely pushing other brands to the ground and even trying to rival the Apple Smart Phones. I know Apple lovers may bash me but then again, we cannot deny the truth that they are now getting a significant part of the market.

  3. Hahaaaa! Phablet! I just LOVE that name! (chuckles!)

    Thank God I’m not into smartphones…yet. I just don’t think I need them. I just about use the basic phone I have now. However, I do like Samsung Galaxy Note’s design; actually prefer it to iPhone’s aesthetic.

  4. Learnt something new today – Phablet! Integrating a phone with a tablet maybe what people look forward to as technology advances. I have a basic smartphone which I use regularly to check emails on the go while traveling.

  5. A guy who works in the cube next to mine has a “phablet.” I like the size of it and I imagine fewer embarrassing text mistakes would happen with larger keyboards. They certainly make me reconsider having to carry around a phone and a tablet.

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